Cram school wants my details

Cram school wants my degree / local police check & ID info.
Anyone else been asked ?
I’m not fresh of the boat. Been working there for ever.
Thank you.

If you’ve been working there forever, they should already have those details when you got the job.

Have they provided you with a reason?

Why why would they Ender ?
25 years ago a police check wasn’t required. Looking for an answer, not an opinion.

All Chinese teachers & foreigners have been asked to submit.
Makes me think is something dodgy going on there, or are there others in the same boat ?

Sounds like you’ve answered your own question.

Slow clap

something doggy has been going on there. Now they are trying to make things correct on paper.


This must be last the last school catching up with this, it’s been the trend (and legally mandated) for years. Yes, it’s normal. Though assuming naturally that you’re on an open work permit, I’m not sure why they want the degree. I don’t recall that ever being a requirement. Some localities may vary.


Thank you.

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it may not be a requirement, but schools should report teachers credential, and it is listed on the cram school database.


Maybe I’m forgetting from when we did it at that time. Well, all normal then.

My school asked us for that recently too. MOE did a regular inspection and told our management they should register ALL of our teachers. Suppose MOE has decided they’re finally going to enforce this rule.

This is just how they enforce anything basically, through things like random checks over a period of years.


I was asked. At every school I have ever worked at. Since 1999. You must have been in your school a LONG time…

Sounds like fun! :grinning:

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