Crazy roommate

Right, so it is official. I have the worst judgement in people.

This person from work, have known him for over six months moves into my spare room. For a while as in a week it all goes well and then a few hours ago he goes nuts as in trashes the place.

Evening started off well with drinks and snacks with the neighbours, also from work. I dared to voice my opinion which is not a new thing and then I got spoken at as if I am a moron, his words being that I speak out of my @ss. Guests leave as they feel uncomfortable and then he starts trashing the place, swearing at me, accusing me of letting his cat run away while I have two of my own and I never leave the door open as they have never left the house ect.

Long story short, I work with this ass. He knows a lot about my personal life as I do his and I know he went through my personal things as they were scattered about the rooms. He was that odd that he destroyed most of his things as well and left the rest in the hallway.

Best way to handle this would be to ignore him?

And another question; is there just crazy people in Taiwan or are they everywhere? Is this a normal situation or have I been here too long? Do I involve my employer in this as a pre-emtive thing? More than one question huh?

dear silence please…

you don’t want to live with this guy anymore!! just think how miserable your home would be if you tried to just “ignore” him. your home is your sancuary. get rid of this freak.

as for work. maybe you could avoid him there, but there is no way you could avoid him at home. your boss will probably do nothing about it, so i say be a professional and let him be the one to mess up so if he does, then the boss may fire him. you keep your job.

i don’t know how to get rid of him if he is on the lease. that may have to brought up with the landlord. if you own the place or just invited him to live there, then kick him out now.

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Does his name start with an R?

My name is on the lease. He just came by and apologized though I really couldn’t care less and he didn’t really seem sorry at all. He had reached his breakiing point with life. Wasn’t my fault. Well, I really couldn’t care less now. Going to chat to the landlord about getting the locks changed today. The so-called friendship is over for sure and I have had it with people. Going to have to seriously explain about the noise last night with him breaking things. Crap.

Not an R. You mean there’s more like that out there?

Thanks for the reply. Needed to know that I wasn’t losing it and that certain norms still were the norms.

When I was in university back in the US, I had an apartment mate who went berserk…he was a classmate and I thought he was a pretty decent guy…so I asked him to move into this three bedroom apartment I had with another guy I knew…anyhow, one day, we were chatting away eating instant noodle…and then we got into some weird discussion…I think the topic was, “where were there more Asian people in Canada…Vancouver or Toronto”…it got kinda heated but I didn’t think too much of it…and then he went berserk and punched me in the face…basically, he punched me when I was just about to stick the fork from the instant noodle into my mouth and the fork basically pierced my lip…anyhow, I was bleeding from my lip…and his punch knocked over the instant noodle (with boiling water)…all over my shirt and the couch…normally, I would whack the mutha f*cka back, but I was so in shock, I didn’t know what the hell to say…he kinda stood there panting for a while, noticed what he did, and calmed down and started to clean up and apologize…hmmm…I kinda stopped talking to him and ignored him after that…my other apartment mate also thought the guy was a little odd…

You just don’t notice these things in the workplace…it is when you start living with somebody, that you kinda discover they are a freak…so it occurs everywhere pretty much…

My advice to you would be to talk to him nicely and say (firmly) that things obviously aren’t working out and he’ll need to leave with immediate effect. He should understand.

This is much better than just changing the locks without telling him, which may lead him to do even crazier stuff.

I agree with the post above.

Irishstu, that was very sensible; who wrote it for you?

[quote=“Stray Dog”]I agree with the post above.

Irishstu, that was very sensible; who wrote it for you?[/quote]

I say old fellow. It was I, PoshStu!

Sounds like he blames you for the lost cat and for other things. I don’t know.

Roommates suck. You didn’t even know this guy. Even if it’s a friend, problems usually arise. With some friends it’s easy, but there’s always something.

Sorry, which high school do you both go to?


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Sorry, which high school do you both go to?


Or that.


If he destroyed any of my belongings it would have to be…violence. That’s all that works with such asses. If you can’t do it yourself, consider finding a gangster. Having a horrible roommate will ruin your life. Find a female roommate next time.

Have you kicked him out yet?

AND change the locks. You can be nice, and explain he needs to leave, but if he is such a FREAK, he may not agree - what do you do then? CHANGE THE LOCKS.

Report it to the police. File a report. Now it’s documented. Then, if he causes further trouble, you have a case, and may get some official help as well.


I have seen something like this in the past and all I can say is this simple piece of advice in life:

Unless you are dating or married to them…


Oh, and that hindsight is always 20/20.

Thank you.

I hope to save current and future forumosans from the pain of going to work with and coming home to the same people.

Just say no.

Shit in his shoes.

Umm that’s gonna solve your problems really well :unamused: :noway:

Umm that’s gonna solve your problems really well :unamused: :noway:[/quote]

As rarely, I am going to highly disagree with you. You say that to his post (which seems like a joke), but not to this one:

NamaOprah not doing her job right today!!

Umm that’s gonna solve your problems really well :unamused: :noway:[/quote]

As rarely, I am going to highly disagree with you. You say that to his post (which seems like a joke), but not to this one:

NamaOprah not doing her job right today!![/quote]

Well SuchA[color=darkred]Dr.Phil[/color]Fob, I’m gonna turn it over to you… :smiley: