I wonder if it would be helpful to (other) readers to have information on the credentials of those posting advice on here?

I read much of what gets posted, but I’d be interested to know a few things…

Do we have any pro’ racers on here? Ex pro’s? Experienced amateurs? Novices? Coaches? Journalists? Commissaires? People in the bike industry? That kind of thing - all useful to establish the value of experience, perhaps?

What experience do people have? How long have they/you been riding/racing/touring/building/repairing/selling bikes?

I’m just a wee bit sceptical at times, since much of the advice seems to be regurgitated ‘stuff I read on Gooooooogle/in a magazine’, or whatever.

I’m in favour of first-hand, real life experience, rather than what you mate’s mate told you down the pub last week.

Feel free to set out your stalls. :slight_smile:


No racer here! I should add a * to anything I post on this forum to suggest that anything I write is based on zero scientific advice, just a guy posting on the internet :fearful:

Anything I write is just has worked for me/what I’ve experienced, I am not an ex-pro or experienced amateur, just a guy who likes to ride and has gotten injured a few times in the past :(. Take everything I write with a grain of salt from salt bae though, it may not work for you!


I don’t see how posting our credentials really helps. There’s also not many regulars here on the cycling part of the forums. The person asking for advice just has to take it with a grain of salt. We’re an internet forum after all.

Knowing your credentials @ColT , if you see something that doesn’t add up, call us out, if we dodge it, continue to be skeptical :smile:


Right on. New rule, you have to hold at least three KOMs on Strava and have podiumed twice in the last season in order to post here. Ranlee execute with extreme prejudice.


Not trying to be clever, antagonistic, troublesome, or whatever. Genuinely interested to know who’s posting on stuff about which they have first-hand experience. I used to frequent a forum in the UK which had regular input from an ex World Champ’, domestic pro’s, team owners, among many others with a wealth of knowledge and experience in cycling, coaching, journalism etc. I have no idea who is on here.

I guess it’s akin to riding in a bunch. I’ve learnt much of what I know by riding countless miles alongside experienced riders in the UK. Through conversation I got to know about their backgrounds, skills, experiences, as a result of which I had some confidence in taking advice.

I couldn’t give a toss about Strava (unless I happen to be in the top 10 :wink: ), but since Taiwan has such a major place in the bike industry, I’d prefer to know if someone is posting advice which is essentially pushing products from their employer (or their own business).


Definitely didn’t take your post the wrong way, I saw the intention behind it :+1:

I certainly would hope most people are posting stuff about first hand experience or at least call out that it’s second hand info from friend/team mate/GCN lol, but this is a subforum of a forum created to serve a minority population living in a small country, so I didn’t expect too many world champs here :grin: I do agree though, I didn’t come to see regurgitated Google search results, and this forum probably isn’t the place I would ask for technical information either.

Indirect product placement in posts though, I personally don’t mind too much*, but I can see how it may sway someone who is less inclined to do their own research or testing prior to purchase.

* NOTE: I am NOT affiliated in any way to any bike manufacturer or cycling service providers in Taiwan or anywhere else in the world. I have to pay for stuff out of my own wallet at full price :(.

PS. Bit late but there wasn’t really a thread about it, how good was the HAMMER SERIES RACE?!


Same as @Liuboy said, didn’t take your post the wrong way. I’ve been on the forums for 5-6 years and started modding the cycling forum about a year ago and can tell you most of the guys are weekend warriors that just love cycling.

I did link up with a few people that are working in the bike industry that came here for the bike show, an ex amateur mountain biker and also another who owns his own brand, but all of those guys aren’t regular visitors/posters.

My knowledge mostly comes from first hand experience and a mechanic friend. As well as participating in those goofy challenge/sportivs throughout the year.