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Hey guys,

I’m sure some of you guys have looked into credit cards. I’m looking for one with Cash Back or reward points for air miles maybe, is there a good card you’d recommend?

You a US citizen? Because these I think can only be applied for if you are from the USA

I use Chase Sapphire Preferred which is 1 pt. for every US dollar spent and 2 pts for travel and restaurants. The points can either be converted to cash, transferred to a rewards program like United Mileage Plus or you can use them on their own travel website and get a 20% bonus. If you can spend 3,000USD in the first 3 months you get 40,000 points which equals $400 credit off your bill. This one has no foreign transactions fees and they currency rate they use is from the Wall Street Journal. It does have an annual fee of 95.00USD that begins on your 2nd year. There is a no annual fee type I believe but not sure about how the pts work for that one.

I’ve been thinking of moving to Venture Rewards Credit Card by Capital One which gives 2pts for every US dollar spent but to get the full value of the 2pts you have to use those points/dollars on travel expenses. However there are no blackout dates. This one also has no foreign transaction fees.

Google “best credit card rewards” and you will get dumped with a ton of info. Good luck!

im looking for a taiwan credit card, i currently have a citi card from the states but every foreign transaction has a fee, so its not worthwhile

best_intentions, can those cards be applied for from abroad? I haven’t resided in the US for over 14 years.

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A lot of banks will say no without a taiwan person to babysit , i mean guarantee you.

Send out some apps and if they call and say you need a babysitter, say no and try another bank. Eventually one will give you one.

Citibank is nice they have a lot of resturant food promotions and movie promotions.
Chinatrust also has a nice lineup.
You can try but they might decline your app.

Yes I applied for the Chase Sapphire and also the Chase United Explorer cards from Taiwan; however, I’ve lived in Taiwan for 5 yrs, back in the US for 5yrs and now back in Taiwan for 2yrs-- so I have a bit more recent “credit history” in the US. You might have an issue since you have been out of the country for 14yrs, but if you have current US credit cards in good standing, a mailing address you can use in the USA and someone who can mail you the card it doesn’t hurt to submit an application unless you are super concerned about how a denial might affect your “credit score”. Once you have your card, you can just sign up for “paperless statements” and having a US address is just for records only. I use my parent’s address. If you lose your card, they will mail it overseas free of charge.

I feel like if you can get approved for the card, it’s a super no-brainer. It’s free cash for using your card and there is no foreign transaction fees. Damn, I feel like a Chase salesperson. ; )

Lately I’ve gotten into the cube card. You can get 3% off when department shopping at Sogo etc. You also get special restaurant discounts of 10% during your birthday month.

Lately we have spent a lot using it and really racked up a lot of points. Each point is worth 1NTD that can be discounted from the bill essentially making it like a cashback card that offers up to 10% cashback!


I read about the CTBC China Airlines card on this forum a few months ago.
So I put Coscto Purchases on my Fubon Coscto card and other things on my CTBC.

I just got a cashback cheque from Coscto for over NT$13K and am racking up 2000 miles a month on the China Airlines co branded card.


The card I got has 1% cash back for normal purchases, but 3% cash back for any purchase from China/Hong Kong.

Means if I buy stuff from Taobao with it, I get 3% cash back.

And since it’s from my telcom provider, if I use it to pay phone bills, it gets 5% cash back.

Isn’t there also a foreign transaction fee that wipes out most of the cashback in that case, or doesn’t your bank charge that?

Edit: There’s a foreign transaction fee but it’s really tiny… like 1200nt spend charges 19nt. So that’s like 1.5%

Though honestly cash back isn’t a whole lot anyways.

Yeah, that’s what I mean - so it’s not really 3% cashback in the end. It’s the same with my cards.

Of that 1.5% the card issuers charges you 1% goes to the card scheme as international settlement fee, so the issuer has also costs on international transactions, but they get a higher interchange from the scheme.

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Can you pay off some of my cards as well please?

I just checked, got my Fubon card in August and used mainly at Coscto
Points ok so far.

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I see you got 12 at some coffee joint. Was there a special on at that time?

That at my friends campsite cafe ground area I visit from time to time.