Credit Cards for Foreigners - General Discussion

They just called me back, and said actually guarantor is not necessary and will help me to see if they can put my application through without the guarantor. Gotta wait again but hopefully this time…


Assholes still treated you unprofessionally and with no respect. They should apologise.

Firstbank did the same to me. Wouldn’t give me their new cashback type card even though I already had a credit card with them. Reason? They never gave a clear reason.


Which bank has the best cash back card for paying taxes?

im not sure they allow it, only for “real” consumption , not taxes, tuition or utilities.
at least not in Cathay Bank.

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I don’t have great experiences with standard chartered 中山 branch. They got me to invest 4m to get priority banking yet they said I can’t get a credit card yet and to wait a while. But seems like it might be a branch issue.

Also had to pay like 1.5% buy/sell fees and 1.5% annual ETF maintenance fees so they already made a couple thousand USD in fees off me. I’m planning to liquidate as soon as this market recovers…


first bank is awful, i have a nice clerk i usually deal with, but the bank’s regulations and rigidity are terrible.
E.sun has been much better.


What’s a Yoyo card?

Have tried, and it does work.

You can log out of the app, change the details and log in again to see credit card. I hardly ever need to check credit card statements anyway, so I have it default to my bank accounts.

Two phones is also a possibility. Since you mentioned it, I set up the app on a spare phone, set to log into the credit card instead. So now I have one phone with bank and one with credit card.

A bit annoying, but it does work.

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EasyCard (what you use for MRT, bus etc)

For that much you’re better off flying to Singapore and setting up a priority bank account with DBS. You’ll get a very decent relationship manager, full suite of services, English app, and be able to use priority banking DBS branches in Taiwan. Also you have the advantage of parking your money somewhere extremely safe in case SHTF here with an invasion and banking goes tits up.

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Can you even open a Singaporean bank account if you don’t reside in Singapore?

Yes they don’t care as long as you’re depositing enough money.


just to share my experience, I already had some doubts, but I tried nonetheless. I got to know yesterday that HSBC rejected me for their Travellers Infinite card, notwithstanding my premier status, a more than enough salary and my very good credit record with HSBC HK cards for over 4 years. I got to know this only because I called them to check my application status, which they said they had no record of, even if I applied at the branch! They called me back to say that it was rejected since I had no Taiwanese employer to “certify” my salary and no history yet of salary payments in Taiwan (on that fair enough). Amex is instead apparently still processing, have had Amex cards for long time with impeccable payment history, so it should go through hopefully. The main takeaway is: always check the application status by calling them, they might already had rejected you without even notifying you!


According to Fubon, if you get a credit card with a guarantor, it still goes on your own credit score.

不過這個不會影響你累積你的credit history

Supposedly, it will only affect the guarantor’s credit score if you don’t pay your bills and the debt is inherited by the guarantor.

I might test it in the name of science.


I thought they caved for you and said they would process it? Got rejected again?

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They are going to see if they can process it without, but if it comes back again that they won’t give me one, I’ll try with the guarantor just to see if it shows up on my credit report

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Based on your post yesterday, I thought you were gonna put up more of a fight on that? :smiling_imp:

Don’t encourage me :imp:

I’m trying to. You’re really going to give up that easily? :smiling_imp:


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