Credit from Bush?

Coming out of the MRT the other day I did a double take, and had to go back for a closer look.

Yup, a poster featuring George W Bush - alongside a gold visa card and the Fubon Bank logo. Is the leader of the free world now promoting credit cards on the side?

Nope, just starting his new career a little early, he is after all expecting an early retirement notice from his current employers in November.

Then Kerry should be preparing – didn’t he give up his Senate seat to campaign?? Bush is currently leading him in two nationwide polls, WashPost-ABC having him at 48-43, and CNN-USAToday-Gallup having Bush leading Kerry by 51-46.

Are you sure there is GW Bush credit card, or did they just use his portrait on their poster?

Which MRT stop was thet? He would be the perfect spokesperson. Who knows more about mortgaging your future?

Technology Building MRT. Come down the stairs and make a U to go out the back way. There’s a few posters there, and one of them uses Dubbyah’s picture. He’s the one next to the koala.

It’s not a ‘George without Mary’ card, they just have his picture.