Crimes in Taiwan 2022

The family violence arena really disturbs me . There are some sick folks out there. Dont want to read the article cause its about killing children. But does he happen to have an amphetamine issue?

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Another huge issue in recent years. I used to chuckle when I saw the anti-drug posters on campus a few years ago because c’mon it’s conservative East Asia. Boy, did I underestimate the problem. It’s obvious now it’s a huge problem, especially in the countryside. :neutral_face:


“ The Air Force added that it was also stepping up education for soldiers to treasure life”

Yeah that’ll work…


Kind of weird header.

‘Soldier in Taiwan suspected of attempted suicide after killing 2 sons’

Better would be,

‘Soldier kills two sons, attempts suicide’.


Indeed! Taiwan has had quite a serious drug problem for the last few decades. The problem hasnt gotten better, just the chemicals have changed. As the elders that enable family members die off, this problem is most definitely going to continue migrating to the “streets”.

Is this murder case drug related? Or just a guy that went crazy?


I disagree. Compared to loads of other countries, Taiwan’s “drug problem” is minor. Drugs are very expensive here, and the punishments for smuggling, possession and even using are very severe.


Why compare with “other countries?” Why not simply compare Taiwan then and Taiwan now?

Because the dude said Taiwan “has” a serious drug problem not “had”.

You wrote what I quoted. :idunno:

from what I understand its divorce related issue. definitely crazy, but similar tragedies also happened in my home country.

Cool to disagree. But taiwan does indeed have a serious drug problem. It also had a serious problem as well (for decades). From opium and coca, to heroin to anphetimines. Taiwans drug problem is quite different than most other places, so its not an easy comparison in my opinion. But have written about this numerous times in drug related threads. We can probbaly move over to those topics and continue :slight_smile:

Was just wondering if this case was related to amphetemines.

Bummer. Happens everywhere i guess, but that doesnt mean much in regards to taiwans mental health related violence :frowning:

In Taiwan suicides are almost always murder suicide because the thinking is if he dies then who will care for the children, so they kill their children first.

I realize sometimes words lose all meaning here, but there has to be some limit at saying stuff that’s just so demonstrably untrue.



Number of Taiwan suicides in 2020: 3,656 (source).

Number of homicides in Taiwan in 2020: 332 (source).

So if let’s say 90% of suicides (“almost always”) were also murder suicide, that means around 3,300 of those 330 murders were from murder suicide, so I guess these are group suicides of 10 people together who are also murdering one more? I suppose that’s one way to make the numbers check out.

Isn’t it wonderful how we have the world of information at our fingertips now, so easily accessible? And people just love to use it before posting stuff?

Maybe. That limit remains unplumbed, however.




Another sad case.
Now he also died in the hospital.

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Good riddance.

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Bit harsh if the death of 2 sons was only alleged. If he actually did it, agreed. Save the tax payers some money. If not, and his suicide is linked to other reasons for his 2 sons death. Tragic :frowning:

I think most of us familiar with taiwan can think of reasons oter than patental murder that kids are murdered. P be honest if my kids were murdered i might be finding a high ledge as well. But i am not aware ofthis situation specifically. Only commenting on it bei ng alleged which means he isnt yet justified o brn at the stake.

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