Criminal law in Taiwan for shoplifting

Dear All, I am a foreigner from India. On dec 8 I shoplifted from 2 stores (I know a big mistake) and on Dec 10 I was summoned to the police station. There they file case against me and my statement was taken. I confessed my crime and gave away all the stuff. I even agreed to pay the amount. But police said I will have to go to court as this is public prosecution. Could you please tell me on below points

  1. How much time will take to end things in court. I am ready to confess my crime and pay the penalty.
  2. My arc is under process what will happen to it. Will it be imapcted due to this.
  3. I am in Taiwan for next 3 months. Can the case get over before that.
    Please reply urgentlyurgently and tell me what should I do to get minimum penalty and charges.

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