Criminal record authentication

I know it has been discussed many times…but i have just found that authentication process in my home country and then sending the legalized document to taiwan would take at least 2 months …so i wonder if anyonehas tried to have it translated/notarized at the embassy/mission in Taipei, and then to bring to MOFA for authentication? At least in the leaflet that i received from police office in taipei they mention 3 ways of legalizing the Police record certificate, and the third way is to get this certificate from your Embassy in ROC and then have it legalized by ROC MOFA.

Most representative offices will offer authentication/notary services, usually for quite a hefty fee(NT$1,000+ per document), but it beats waiting two months for your documents. Better check and make sure that MOFA will accept that; my understanding was that a criminal record had to be authenticated by a Taiwanese representative office in your home country.