Criminal Record Check

Hi All

I’m getting married soon to my Taiwanese fiancee, and will of course need to go through the process of applying for the JFRV (marriage visa) once we’ve registered our marriage (we’re doing it in HK, as so many others do, as going back to the UK for a whole month to get a certificate of non-impediment would be more hassle, and more costly, that simply heading to a nearby location which doesn’t need it in order to allow a marriage to go ahead).

Anyways, I’m aware that over the process of getting my long-term rights of residency - which are an imperative not just because of our marriage but also because my wife-to-be is pregnant - I’ll need to provide a criminal record check from the UK, which is my home country.

However, I haven’t set foot in the UK for 3 years. I originally went to Korea, and provided an apostilled criminal record check before I went there. I worked in Seoul for a year before heading to Taiwan, where I met my fiancee. So it’s not really possible for me to provide the authorities in the UK with addresses at which I have lived since 2010 for the purposes of the CRB check because I haven’t been on British soil. Does anyone know what can be done in this situation? Could I show the CRB check I used to go to Korea plus evidence of my travel documents and employment so show where I’ve been since then?

I’m going to contact the immigration department here anyways, would just appreciate some input from anyone who may have encountered a similar scenario. In fact, any useful info from people who’ve gone through the JFRV process would be miuch appreciated - I think I know most of what I have to do, but it would be nice to try to avoid any ‘surprises’ or having to spend too many hours filling in paperwork