Criminals stay away

Noticed on Teashit(sorry Tealit) an ad for “registered” teachers in Taitung County.
You must submit a “non-crime record Certificate/Testimonial” issued by your government, when applying, amongst other things,
Surely that must be a first, and many others will follow.

There is no-where to hide.

No, that’s actually standard if coming from another country now.

Certainly news to me.
But, I assume that applies to all gov. positions, but what about others e.g.private companies,private schools, bushibans etc. ?

I’m sure this is just for public, not private schools. When I got certified in the States I had to submit a non-criminal certificate, which I got from from the police, to the Board of Ed. I had to give my fingerprints and write down every address I’ve ever lived at for a background check. In Idaho at least, you can’t get certified if you’re a convicted felon.

I had to get one to get my spousal ARC. I went to the police station of my hometown in the US and got a “letter of good conduct” typed out for US$10. (They do a quick background check before typing the letter.)

Then I had to get it stamped at the TECO (pseudo-embassy), which cost some more $$$.

I went thru the same procedure as Chris outlines last year for my ARC. I could have had it completed prior to coming to the island if the dipwads at TECO-Los Angeles knew WTF they were doing. As it was I ran it thru the FBI and they sent it to TECO-LA for the needed chops.