Cristiano Ronaldo throws poorly

It’s not worse than 50 cent

If his job required him to throw, I’d understand the issue here.

Well that edit just made this thread meaningless.

Reminds me of Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds. First time I saw this I was dumbstruck that Cruise could have allowed it to make its way into the final movie.


It’s not surprising. Throwing a baseball accurately isn’t as easy as it seems. I’m 40 pounds heavier and much stronger than when I was a senior at high school. I could throw maybe low 80s on a good day. Not crazy impressive but good for high school level with good breaking balls. Even with 40lbs of muscle added on my frame, I have never been able to throw as hard and accurate. Not even close. I remember I could close my eyes and put it right into someone’s gloves while throwing from 3rd to 1st. Easy. Now I kind of lob it over lol. It even bounces from time to time.

Plus I would assume soccer players wouldn’t have much muscles strength and coordination in places that are needed to throw a baseball. Ronaldo does not train fully for soccer however, he’s too much of a pretty boy and I’ve seen him train completely useless muscles for his sports for looks.