Crop circles in Taiwan

How come there are never any reports of crop circles in Taiwan? Come to think of it, how come crop circles only appear in advanced military industrial complex societies, like the UK and USA? Poor countries never have crop circles. Is this because the aliens are biased against poor countries?

I am 101% certain crop circles are manmade. Anyone disagree? Case closed. … &ncid=1756

PHOTO: An aerial view of crop circles, which were found last Saturday by a wheat farmer, near Fairfield in California, photographed on July 2, 2003. The geometric pattern of pressed wheat stalks which mysteriously appeared this week have been drawing hundreds of interested sightseers.

Every year, around July 4th, these things happen. Why? … 250605.DTL

but there’s the killer quote: yes, quite manmade…

Also hanging around the wheat field was 12-year-old Pat Kavanagh, who lives with his family in a two-story house directly across Suisun Valley Road. He said his big brother, Charles, told him that something besides aliens was involved.

“He was driving home from work late Friday night,” Pat said, “and the next morning, he told me that he had seen a large spotlight, like a motorcycle light, in the middle of the field. No flying saucers or spaceships.”

Why does the media fall for such crop, er, crap?

Crop circles began showing up in English fields about 30 years ago. Most authorities say they are the work of scamps – one scamp stands in the center of a circle, holding one end of a rope, and others walk around him, holding the other end to keep the circle round and dragging boards to flatten the plants.

Total bollocks!

I remember watching a program on discovery or some other show several years ago that spoke about this.

One group of students said they were behind it and showed how they did it. They used a handmade broom like thing that crushes the crops, it takes them about 5-6 hours to finish the patterns. They plan the patterns weeks in advance. Pick a night to do their creative work. They even showed the students at night out in the fields, the camera then showed the results the next morning. Very interesting…

A little similar to the rope idea mentioned above. I believe they still used a rope to make sure the circles were perfect, but they have become more advanced now using something other than their feet to crush the crops.

I remember watching something like it on discovery channel as well. But that was about the occurrence of some bizarre phenomenons happened when the camera team was trying to film the crop circles from the chopper. All the electronic devices were malfunctioned! And it happened again and again… :shock:

Anyone noticed the news about the UFO in Ping-don?

I saw a show like that. The students were trying to re-create crop circles. They were trying to do it before morning.
Didnt they have to recreate the effect of radiation (or something like that) becauase some crop-cirles actually had radiation? Supposedly left by our friendly neighbours the ALIENS!

Well, in order to have crop circles, wouldn’t one need a substantial amount of farmland in order to grow them? Not many crop circles can be made in a field of rice or soybeans and not many Taiwanese farms grow corn or wheat or other tall stalky crops. Or maybe Taiwanese students are too overloaded and too left-brained to be creative enough to design a crop circle design and too busy to waste a night making them.

Just my NT$0.67 (

Seen and read about it. Some said the crops weren’t crushed, just bend down, and time would not be enough to make such large patterns over night by man, mostly with a near-perfect geometry.
Some have said they could do it but failed to live up to their claims …

Interesting like in ‘yes, they could do it’ or ‘an amateur attempt’?

The Ren-Ai traffic circle looks like it was built by aliens, does that count ?

EDIT: I was trying to make a joke involving Taiwan, circles and aliens, let’s not get too off topic

I thought that was one of the better intersections: At least it avoids the need for those stupid traffic guiding persons at rush hours. What the hell are they called, anyway, and what is the point of the inane whistle blowing?

It’s fun to make as much noise as humanly possible in Taiwan, haven’t you gathered that yet? It’s also fun to show how authoritative you are compared to mere mortals. Must be a combination.

I’m only 99% certain myself. They could be caused by meteorological phenomena or aircraft. Still I agree they are definitely not caused by little green men from other solar systems visiting the earth.

Anyway formosa, you may have awakened a sleeping giant. This article appeared in today’s Taiwan News: UFO reported in southern Taiwan

yeh, wix, i was just about to post that LINK when I saw your post. Crop circles, UFO sightings, all pure bunk. Look, crop circles are man-made, re read that SF article again. The kid said he saw a car with floodlights on the night before! The lady in Chiayi who says she videod a UFo saw a weather balloon. Come on, why is it so hard to be 100% sure?

Yes, the Chiayi UFO was spotted on Sunday, the same day that the new alien-abduction mini-series Taken started on Star Movies across Taiwan :unamused:

UFO sightings are real and not to be mistaken for aliens. The name (Unknown Flying Object) pretty much says it - until the thing is identified it’s a UFO. Nothing to do with aliens and flying saucers.

UFO sightings are real and not to be mistaken for aliens. The name (Unknown Flying Object) pretty much says it - until the thing is identified it’s a UFO. Nothing to do with aliens and flying saucers.

“Slightly” off-topic: I call them “Ampelmaennchen”. (I guess Rascal and Iris will easily guess why…)
“Ampel” means traffic light in German, “Maennchen” is the small form of “Mann” (man). “Ampelmaennchen” is the name for the cute little red or green guy standing or walking in our traffic lights. I call them so because they have to give the traffic light the authority it lacks during rush hour, being a kind of backup for the poor little light.
And on-topic again: I’m with ImaniOU - where here in Taiwan would you want to create crop circles? No way…
That’s also one of the reasons Taiwan has no chance to see an alien landing - there is no space for their saucers to land on… :laughing:

My theory is this: the CNA reporter who wrote the original CNA UFo story that made the papers there quoted a professor of UFOlogy at Nanwha University in Chiayi County, Talin I think it is, and my bet is that this reporter is this professor’s good drinking buddy and that they concocted this story together to mark the day that TAKEN began there. Good eye, Magnolia!


Or else the aliens, who have been monitoring Star Movie transmissions from a galaxy light years away, thought it would be a good idea to use the hype surrounding the new series as a cover for their invasion of Jiayi county and thence the world. It makes sense; where else in Taiwan could such lifeforms blend in with the locals with such apparent ease? :wink:

Taizhong county resident: