Cryptocurrency of the Day

I guess people learned absolutely nothing from the 2018 collapse and near-total annihilation of nearly-everything-except-Bitcoin, and the fools are ripe for the plucking again.

Oh well, at least corporations, institutional investors, and smart people aren’t buying shitcoins. Bitcoin, maybe a little Ethereum in case it doesn’t fall apart, and BSV just in case Craig Wright turns out to really be Satoshi Nakamoto . . . oh wait, that last one never actually happens, ha-ha.

Yeah I see if the rubbish as XRP and even EOS shooting up and it’s like here we go again.
Ethereum is doing very well for me thankfully.
DeFi will so well.
Money is cycling through different crypto fields…Bitcoin - Ethereum - DeFi - Protocols - NFTs - Exchanges - what’s next ?
Totally not manipulated lol.

I still like NFTs but I think they may have peaked for a while and money cycling back into Protocols abd DeFi and Ethereum.

That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

You got it wrong. You invest in the altcoins early, let them go up exponentially and then sell them for more BTC and ETH.

I’m sure there will be a few other eventual winners though.

How about Stellar? I think it’s a great project.

Better than XRP for sure (XRP guys always pump and dump their massive holdings…Watch the carnage unfold later )…But I haven’t kept up with Stellar developments .

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This list seems fairly well thought out.

INJ is the only one on that list I’m invested in, but Polygon looks good to me. I wish it hadn’t gone under my radar before.

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I have a good amount of INJ too.
Might check out Kava again.
Polygon also. I think they all have potential.

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Oh yeah wanted to give BAT and the Brave browser a mention. I’ve been using the browser, Brave, for like half a year and it’s a good browser imo. Made by one of the founders of Mozilla. You get BAT just for using the browser - I’ve been getting about almost US $10 worth of BAT a month from it.


I had BAT for ages. I’m cheering from the sidelines nice use case.
Binance ! I had some BNB when it was 10 and 20 USD.
Didn’t really predict it will keep exploding like it has last few weeks. Bit nuts.

I also has some KCS when it was dead dead dead…Never moved for ages and ages.

How do you feel about Swipe and XVS? The way BNB has taken off, they might pull their whole ecosystem up with them.

I haven’t looked into them much , I need to check it out . Too many projects these days.

In the end we were pretty much guaranteed 10x-20x by investing a bit into the top 20 to 30 . So I really focused on ethereum., Btc , protocols and Defi giants.

But I am looking into a few more speculative ones. For the speculative small caps the problem is you lose as much as you win as the flavour of the month constantly switches right. I won big with AAVE though (I researched them very thoroughly and even chatted with the founders ).
If you happen to have followed a project for a good while or researched any thoroughly please share here.

I sold almost all my AAVE but I have huge belief in their capability and drive so may buy back in again.

Which ones?

I am too much of a noob at this point, but I will definitely share when I have some confidence in my knowledge.

From what I have seen, Swipe is the Binance response to the CRO Visa card with rewards and purchase rebate. At the same time the protoco plans to offer interoperability between fiat and crypto.

Synthetix, compound, YFI…Some I got in a bit late and didn’t make much. Only made the big returns on AAVe and only really know their team and platform well.

That request for people who have followed a project is for all the posters here to share.
I followed the AAVE team for three years…So when I made a very.hige return on it some might say I was lucky…But I don’t think so I was buying in and out of them all the time as I checked their progress and price and market . About three times. This would be my fourth time to buy back in lol. Just a solid solid project being held back by high gas fees , that will be fixed eventually.

Binance; few days ago I was wondering what to do with some spare I had tethered I was thinking BNB but I was like “nahh, it’s pretty high right now, I’ll wait for it to dip a bit”
Reckon it’s going to take over ETH

I screwed up that one too. I bought 3K worth at $6 and sold it at $40. :sob:
Can’t win them all.

No. Once ETH gets upgraded it will be the main chain of everything.

It’s not. I’m an Ethereum maximist :grin: and a believer in decentralisation. There are many like me. But it is not an either /or game.

Ethereum is not totally decentralized either. I would say that’s it’s biggest weakness, otherwise I would all in in ETH.

Well it’s pretty good. Pretty good will have to do.
Look at KCS 43% up for the day. :neutral_face: