CSIS survey of Americans about defending Taiwan & other allies

Makes me wish I believed in polls.

Most US citizens think Taiwan is another name for Thailand.

I walked into this thread initially confused wondering why CSIS is doing surveys in the US.

It’s a different CSIS apparently.


How does that change results? Americans need to protect their pad thai supply.


Once you tell them that there is no pad Thai in Taiwan, the urge to defend drops.

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Why not? Good for the goose, good for the gander! :yin_yang: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I added the “not-canada” tag to reduce confusion. I hope you don’t mind, @OysterOmelet.


Then LIE! Tell them there is plenty of Pad Thai! In fact! You don’t have to lie! You can get Pad Thai in Ximen!

You can also say it’s the country of Bubble Tea (Or as some people call it, boba, I dunno)


There are enough similarities:

  • Asian :earth_asia:
  • tropical :desert_island:
  • lots and lots and lots of temples :pray:
  • government trying to improve English proficiency for decades and not doing all that well :doh:
  • fairly convenient airport train in the capital :bullettrain_side:
  • huge color-coded protests once in a while :rant:
  • overrun with tourists, at least until 2020 :tumble:
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Actually… Tourism is up in 2019-II in Taiwan.

Normally we get 11 or 12 million tourists while 18 million Taiwanese leave for tourism…

Now the Taiwanese are STUCK here touring their own country! MUAHAHAHA