CTBC Discrimination? Why Foreigners Can't Use Their Cards Properly!

Hello Everyone,

I’m reaching out to inform you that I am in the initial stages of bringing CTBC to mediation under the auspices of the Financial Ombudsman. You might be wondering, why go to such lengths?

For those of you who are customers of CTBC and hold both a China Trust credit card and/or bank account, you might have observed that you require distinct login credentials for each. This isn’t common practice, and to the best of my knowledge, CTBC is the only bank in Taiwan with such a system.

What’s the issue, you ask? Well, unlike other banks, CTBC’s system doesn’t accept your regular ID number. This may seem like a minor inconvenience, but let me illustrate why it’s more problematic than it appears.

  1. Try making an online payment for your car insurance using their card - you’ll run into a hurdle because the ID number doesn’t match your ARC. (I had to use my other card)

  2. Attempt to settle a customs import fee through the Ezway app, and you’ll find that your CTBC account isn’t compatible as the ID on your account is different to your ARC… (I had to use my other bank)

  3. Many other things that require ID number verification…

These are just a couple of examples that show why this is indeed a significant issue. As part of my upcoming mediation, I am currently compiling a comprehensive list of issues that we face due to this peculiarity of the CTBC system.

If you’re a CTBC customer, either using their banking services and/or credit card, I kindly request your help. Please share any issues you’ve encountered due to this system. Your experiences will not only provide additional insights but will also strengthen our case.

Thank you for your time and support. I appreciate any input you can provide.

Best Regards,


Same issues as u mate, add also that I can’t still figure out which ID to use to access my estatements received via email.

Also can’t set up the auto-reload on the debit card with ipass function since the systems can only accept ID/ARC numbers which do not match with the nonsensical ID given by CTBC.


Wish you good luck with the effort, though personally it hasn’t bothered me. Oh, actually…perhaps that’s why I couldn’t verify my Richart account online using my CTBC account? I’d updated my ARC number a couple of days prior so just assumed it was taking a while to be processed and used my Mega Bank account instead (which worked immediately).

Do you know what happens with Taiwanese customers - do they have their ID numbers there or do they also get assigned the weird code? That is, is it a CTBC-specific thing or a foreigner-specific thing?

I don’t have a credit card with CTBC, but my app seems to allow for one to be shown after logging in with my bank account:

So for you it’s the same even though you do have a credit card? That’s silly. I actually don’t remember seeing the credit card option until today, though it’s possible I just forgot about it.


Yes! That would be it and good to point out too.

Normal ID number and it is a foreigner-specific issue

The app was designed to show both. However… because they give separate ID number for each they don’t link them… Stupid system indeed




How do you go through this process. I was denied a credit card though First Bank due to me not having a Gold Card. I have over 500k in their bank and this gold card was the sole reason they denied it.
Thank you.

No worries @teacherfei Here are the steps:

!!!Important!!! Quote both Article 7 of the Financial consumer protection act and Article 62 of the Immigration Act in your complain

Step 1: Go here and complain first Make a Compliant/Enquire Online-Ombudsman Service-Financial Ombudsman Institution

(Now you can wait up to 30 days for their response)

Step 2: Receive their letter (either they’ll backdown or provide some BS)

Step 3: Call the FOI and tell them you want to apply for mediation (here is the form you will need to fill out 表單下載-金融紛爭解決-財團法人金融消費評議中心 it is in Chinese but I believe you can fill it in English - At least that’s what I have done… Get a friend to help you as it’s actually a fairly simple form)
Upload the form onto the link in step 1 and wait 60 days for a mediation time. Also I suggest calling a week later to ensure everything was filled in correctly


For a long time I couldn’t even pay off my CTBC credit card from my CTBC bank account automatically each month, because – wait for it – the credit card system’s name field wasn’t long enough for the full name on my bank account.

They fixed that at some point, though. The other annoyances remain.


CTBC advised me to send my savings back to the UK in order to make investments.


Ridiculous. Are you an APRC holder? Was that when you were on your APRC? I might bring that up!

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I had the same experience at Yuanta securities. They said although I could open an account, I probably shouldn’t due to tax reasons. I think they’d use non resident withholdings even though I’m a tax resident. I’m a regular ARC tax resident and not APRC. They were friendly enough, and told me it made no sense for a foreigner to invest there. They referred me to use IBKR or Firstrade.



Are you a US citizen?

If not… It absolutely makes tax sense to open here! (Regardless of the withholding rate)


Do I wait until receiving the letter and then fill out the form and upload it? Or do I do everything in the initial step?

Thank you, @comfy123

You spelled Worst Bank wrong. They’re the worst by far for asinine rules for foreigners and domestic people.


I had a heck of a time opening a securities account here in Tainan. However, after a lot of arguing and bringing a Taiwanese person with me, they allowed me to open the account. But they have been handling me like a child everytime I make a trade. They said they were afraid I would lose my money and I would make a trading mistake that they would have to cover. I’m a US citizen if it matters. And I’m a ARC holder for 7 years now.

Which bank?

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I am a citizen. I have CTBC credit card but no bank account with them. Both bank and credit card sections show up. This is an issue for foreigners.

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