Currency Exchange - Any Other Option Apart From Bank Of Taiwan?


Is BoT the only authorised money exchanger in the country? I know there are some in Taipei (I’m not there) - but I can’t find anything on Google. I’m looking for a legal one with better rates than BOT.

Thank you.

Depends on the currency. Some don’t hold certain currencies and only some banks are allowed to exchange RMB.

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All banks can do currency exchange, just depends if their branches have supply.
Most banks and ChungHwa Post have both NTD and foreign currency accounts that are linked that you can go back and forth, and even send foreign currency overseas.

Fubon bank 富邦銀行. I exchanged USD, EUR, HK dollars, whatever the Macanese currency is called.

from my experience bank of taiwan is probably the best option. if the rates are better in another bank, their teller fees will be higher compared to BoT.
it’s always good to shop around, but I tried a few times and Bank of taiwan was the preferred choice