Current NIA "service center" location for New Taipei

On the NIA website, I found two different links each indicating a different address for the NIA “service center” in New Taipei City:

  1. No.168-1, Minzu Rd., Banqiao Dist.,New Taipei City … 32289&mp=2

  2. No.135, Min’an St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.) … D=108&mp=2

Is one of these addresses obsolete? Or I can go to either of these locations (for APRC change of info in my case)?

Last time I had to deal with any visa stuff was about 5 years ago at the Banciao location, so I’m guessing they moved to Zhonghe but left up an outdated link on the English site.

You got it! It’s now at the 2nd location.

Does anyone know if I can go to the taipei center instead of the new taipei one?

I live in NTPC but the Taipei one is more convenient.

Depends on the day, the staffer, and the particular service you’re after :slight_smile: If you are close enough to xiaonanmen I’d say it’s worth a shot dropping by.

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Gonna send the wife and five year old. No one can say no to him.


You mentioned in another thread you were looking to get your APRC.

If that’s the case, you need to go to the centre in your own city/county.

Xiaonanmen is closer to me as a Danshuinian, but they still forced me to go to Zhonghe.

Especially as going to the immigration centre requires me to take a day off… I did not enjoy taking another day off and then explaining to bossman why I needed another day off.

For renewals? Address changes? Passport number updates? Taipei is fine.