Current Politics Between the US and China

China Is National Security Threat No. 1

12/03/2020 - The Wall Street Journal



Big if true.
Owning and dominating the world is the US’ job exclusively, back it up China.

Chinese Professor Pleads Guilty In Huawei Theft Case

12/04/2020 - The Wall Street Journal


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China finally gets to be #1 :rofl:

China biggest national security threat since WWII, says US Director of National Intelligence who lacks intelligence enough to remember Soviet Union, H-bomb, Berlin airlift, and Cuban missile crisis.

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China seems like a civilized superpower that doesn’t really want to get into mindless wars all the time. This must seem very unusual to the world’s biggest terrorist, the US military.

:rofl: If you wanna tell jokes, they should be done in the Fun and Games forum.

China, a civilised superpower. That’s funny!




I hear China is growing super soldiers. :runaway:


TBH, through the history of the PRC they’ve concentrated more on killing their own people. If Hitler had learned that lesson, he’d have died a long-lived mass murderer, just like Stalin and Mao.

But even then none will make fundamental changes. We will still proudly recognize China written policies, trade with them for billions and sit with them at the table for world peace. Who’s to blame in reality ?

The US should just nuke the fuck out of China and call it a day.

Sure. But China will nuke the US too.

The US has 6000 nukes, China only has 200. The US can nuke China back to the stone age before they try to nuke the US.

Everyone forget about Beruit? That wasn’t even a nuke and that place is a disaster.

US needs to maintain hardline trade deals with China - it’s actually working. CCP is lashing out like a wounded animal by spreading virus, propaganda, and claiming recovery and growth. The reality is China has undergone trillion dollars worth of capital flight, thousands of businesses have relocated, and 52 banks and financial centers in Hong Kong have left. Their Belt and Road initiative is a wreck and China’s approval is at all time lows. CCP doesn’t have much longer and is at that point where communist countries usually begin to collapse. There is no need for direct military action.

Keep dreaming about that. Saner minds will disagree with you. It’s not a pure
Numbers game.

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um … are you seriously advocating genocide (and making half the planet uninhabitable for the next century or so)? Or is that just a bit of black humour?

The US actually has plenty of options. If they’d just stop whining about the unfairness of it all and formulate a concrete strategy, it’s still a winnable war. But it won’t be for much longer.

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Well, if you live in the 201st biggest target in the US (currently Warren, Michigan) you should feel okay.
Does the phrase “pounding the rubble” ring a bell?
China maintains a nuclear force as deterrent- nobody is going to attack someone with 300 warheads (US mainland is safe from PLAAF bombers or PLAN subs, so 200 ICBMs). It is working to double the size of its nuke force because it is worried about US smart bombs and cruise missiles that may have the capacity to take out China’s deterrence through conventional attacks.

I was obviously kidding

Peril of the modern age- so many wacky ideas out there that sometimes it’s hard to tell when people are being serious or not.

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