Current situation regarding learning Chinese + visa

Before the whole Covid quagmire happened I was considering starting a Chinese course in Taiwan, one which would qualify me for a student visa. I did not research it thoroughly then, but I was under impression that it is possible in some schools.

I’m wondering what’s the situation like now? Is it possible to enroll in a course with a possibility of getting a visa as well? I mean normal schools, not universities. Thanks in advance.

You may need to ask boca or nia
But i think you need to fly out of tw and apply for a student visa, but may depend on your current visa situation

Currently, visas are still not being issued for mandarin students (with the exception of those with government scholarships). It’s not currently possible to come to Taiwan just to study Chinese, no ETA on when this will be allowed again.


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I guess, with the recent virus spike, the situation is still in limbo and will be for some time.

Still, if we theoretically assume it will go back to pre-covid status eventually, what was the general procedure for choosing a school which would allow for a visa? I tried to look online but it’s all a bit confusing.