Curry and Cultural Appropriation


Do KFC have an original flavour chicken?
every country I have had KFC it was different.

on another note,
I just finished watching ugly delicious on Netflix and it had large sections on cultural appropriation of food and the racial connotations associated with it. To be honest I didn’t realise it was I thing to be honest. If some one makes good food, it don’t matter where they or the food originated along as I get to eat it.


I should say original recipe. Singapore original recipe tasted exactly the same as South Africa original recipe. I haven’t had KFC in any other countries though.


Yeah, seems like another example of shit food, which is a bit of a surprise coming from St Jamie. I’m probably nitpicking here, but the comment about there being “no such thing as jerk rice” is correct. Why not call it ‘rice and peas’, which might at least be in the ballpark of an accurate description?


I hope you’re not referring to rowland’s new thread.

(sorry, just checking how sick a joke has to be before it gets moderated … )


I think Jamie is a very smart chap and knows full well what he’s doing. He got loads of free publicity when he fucked up paella.

At the end of the day - a microwaved rice dish? Seriously?


Hell yes. However I’ve rarely seen him compromise in the pursuit of commercial success.

I’ve got a lot of his books and he often describes his recipes as ‘twists on …’, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s how food evolves. I just think in this instance they’re right about the misuse of the word ‘jerk’, even if it’s a trivial thing.

It’s what Britons eat. They’re a bunch of helpless teenagers, mostly unable to cope with anything in the kitchen other than pressing the Start button on the microwave and Stop when it looks like it’s hot.


No, just guilty pleasures in general.


One could dry rub spice into rice. It would be a bit of a chore, but possible.


i can remember when he did a version of gua bao and called it korean pork sliders or some nonsense like that.


The irony being they’d probably be among the complainants in different circumstances

But come on, how many western Japanese restaurants are actually run by Japanese. Not unlike English teaching here the only requirement to work in one is you look Asian.
Oh of course, Japanese curry was culturally appropriated too.


double culturally appropriated, they got it from the british!


The front-line staff are usually at least East Asian, but the kitchen staff are mostly Mexican, as in most restaurants.


This respect the food stuff is pretty hilarious. Random slop that someone’s going to stuff into their fat mouth, get over it.


It’s not really a stereotype if it’s sort of true. There are some “interesting” food in Asia, especially if you go to the night market. Singapore isn’t even too out of the ordinary. I’ve seen all sorts of animals like turtles and bats in China. Vietnam has some food I wouldn’t eat as well. Buts it’s no less sophisticated than the average western diet. Unless people’s standard is Michelin star 5 course meals every meal.