Curry and Cultural Appropriation

I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Britain has been culturally appropriating curries. Of course, they are right to an extent, but the next issue is a kind of intersectional one. Who becomes the arbiter of what constitutes a true dish? For example, Italian dishes will vary considerably from village to village - even household to household. Chicken tikka masala is commonly believed to have been invented in Britain, although by Bengali chefs, which really muddies the waters over who claims ownership. Perhaps some kind of French terroir system could be introduced where the key elements of a curry could be generally accepted and chefs would have to adhere to those or call the curry a different name?

Marks and Sparks are on the receiving end of the majority of righteous fury for their ready meal curries. I suppose it was going to be either them or Waitrose in the Grauniad. I’m not sure how any ready meal could ever be authentic. They’re all basically slightly shit food for extremely lazy people.


Baaahhh. Imagine the Italian government registering a complaint about Spaghetti-Os



If people want to modify food to fit the tastes of different demographics then they should be able to.

Indian food would never have become popular in the UK if it wasn’t modified to fit our tastes.

I mean, have you ever tasted the sorry excuse for British food they serve in Yuanshan? Brits don’t say they can’t serve it though. If they want to serve nasty British food for the Taiwanese palet, they can.


To be fair, most of the commentators aren’t exactly saying it’s cultural appropriation. They’re just saying those ready meals are crap. Which they are. But you could say the same thing about every ready meal on the shelf. It certainly is depressing how the Brits are so easily pleased that you can just plop any old brown muck on their plates and they’ll be happy, as long as it comes with chips.

Hehe, as opposed to the muck on plates here , with bones and bits, which is ok …if it comes with Rice?


Yeah, I know it’s the standard Grauniad sub-editor clickbait ploy. Although one of the complaints is they are “offensive and callous”.

And, by chance, on the same day:

Now, I somehow doubt that cheese and onion bhajis are genuine Indian. Sounds bloody delicious, though.

We need to take all the ‘cultural appropriation’ folks mix them with the ‘intersectional’ folks and blend them into a SJW Spice and sell it

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these cultural appropriation douche bags need to do one.

every country adopts other country’s food and changes it to better suit their taste. for better or worse, no country is above it! this journalist should take a look at some curry dishes here. curry and fries! they will lose their shit.

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This type of ridiculous outrage killed a food truck business in Portland Oregon USA. I’ve never seen a burrito with French fries any of the times I’ve been to Mexico. Cultural appropriation and theft? Pfft. This is just so stupid. It’s like people look for reasons to be outraged.

I can see a trend developing:


If Brits aren’t allowed to cook foreign food, it’s only logical that they shouldn’t be allowed to eat it either. Time to put your money in mushy pea futures!


Maybe Americans should organize protests at all the places that sell “hanbao” here. Or Italians at the mayonnaise-and corn pizza places. Come to think of it, what are all these Taiwanese people doing wearing western clothing, often with printed nonsensical “English”? Off with it immediately!


"Everyone in the Caribbean will be saying: ‘Jamie! Nooo!’”

Yeah I bet there’s going to be a major outcry in the Caribbean about it.

I think it’s more to do with Brits cooking it wrong. But we cook everything wrong.

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Chinese should protest Italian pasta dishes for appropriating their pasta in the first place.

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Surely not fish and chips?

Fish and chips are wrong. A shameful waste of good fish (especially cod).

EDIT: I hope that’s not anti-Semitic.

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Maybe, but sometimes something so wrong feels so right.


Like KFC not selling original flavor chicken here in tw.