Custom framing Jiayi


Does anyone know where I could find a good custom framer in Jiayi?

I have some vintage posters (black light) that I want framed professionally. Would need an acid free backing and UV Plexiglas.

Thanks in advance!

PM me. My gf had some paintings framed not too long ago. Turned out pretty well. I will ask her where she got it done and get back to you.

Maybe here?

嘉義市成仁街160號 Chengren St. No. 160

More listimgs: … 86&a_id=14

Yep, exactly there. Second right after the circle.

Wow, so sorry for taking so long to check back here. First of all, THANK YOU for taking the time to respond. I feel it must seen rude of me not to check back, but have had a million things going on.

I will check the links you posted now. I have heard of a couple since posting here but have not had a chance to go and check them out.

Thanks a billion again! So much appreciated!!!