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Yes, in theory…

is there anyone in taipei that can do custom framing with western workmanship? ie, straight cuts, clean mats???
and yes i’ve been to shida, that’s where the nightmares begin…sigh

[quote=“daughters”]is there anyone in Taipei that can do custom framing with western workmanship? ie, straight cuts, clean mats???
and yes I’ve been to Shi-Da, that’s where the nightmares begin…sigh[/quote]

Anytime I trusted Taiwanese workmanship I ended up thinking, I can do a better job myself… I mean these guys are supposedly professionals…

I’m going to try this gallery soon, and will let you know the results: Pretty Gallery, Taipei, Min2quan2 E. Rd. Sec. 6, #74, 1F. They have some very attractively framed stuff on display.

I’d say just buy the framing material, get a miter box (don’t even know if such animal exist here) and a backing saw and frame it yourself… half these “professionals” makes Tim the Toolman Taylor look really good in comparison.

While traveling in Southeast Asia I bought some artwork I wanted framed nicely and I followed a recommendation from this board from a few years ago.

Lotus Arts
273 Bade Rd., Sec. 2

I was very pleased with the results. They framed several paintings and photos for me beautifully, museum quality really. They are used to working with modern/western art. Their shop looks nothing like what you find in on Shida Rd.

I picked up my paintings from the above-mentioned gallery today, and was quite pleased with the results. The shop is very professional, and the prices are very reasonable (I had 5 pieces done for $5200, including a rather large one, and including a wide range of frame prices). I might post some pics (incl. details of corners, matting, etc.) if you’d like. I had them do a variety of stuff including dry mounting a very thin Thai rubbing on hand-made paper. The lady in the shop has reasonably good taste in terms of what frames and mats to use, in case you need help with the aesthetics, although tastes are of course subjective. The shop looks very much like a western art gallery, btw. You might want to give them a try.

Minquan Rd Sec 6? Where the hell is that? (Thank you very much. :wink: )

Heading east off the Minquan Bridge into Neihu, go past the highway overpass, gas station and 時報廣場 Times Square; I think that’s Ruiguang Rd after those; cross it and stay on the right side. Then go past one TINY alley on your right (after a guo1tie1 shop), and it’s about 2 storefronts past that, on the right (south). Or something like that. Anyway, if you hit the main Neihu Post Office and Neihu district gov’t admin building at Chenggong Rd. you’ve gone way too far.

The service was very good; they even delivered a large framed piece for me for free, although I’m pretty sure that’s not standard – the owner lives just blocks away from me in Donghu and offered to drop it by on the way home.

I’ll post pics later today of the pieces I had framed, with details following each one, so y’all can see the quality and make up your own minds. There’s a tiny overcut on a couple mat corners (out of 20 corners, only 2 or so overcuts) but that’s pretty common in matting, and the cuts are otherwise perfect and clean – the overall quality is very good.

I’ve had several paintings framed in one shop in particular on Heping near Shida, and was very pleased with the results. Easily as good workmanship as I’d find in the UK, plus of course a lot faster and MUCH cheaper.

Here’s a watercolor I did – I just chose a simple carved bamboo style frame, with no mat for this one. Here’s the whole thing, and then details of the frame carving and corner joint so you can see that the angle of the cut and the joining are absolutely perfect:

Here’s another, with a simple mat and frame, and details of the mat’s corner cut and frame joint:

Here’s a Japanese print; the lady helped choose the frame and mat for this one, and it turned out very elegant:

The frame corner:

and mat, which is cut slightly beyond the corner, but you have to inspect it closely to even notice:

Here’s the long one, a Thai zodiac excerpt (the original print was 4-5 times this long):

and detail

As you can see, the quality is quite good. The shop only does acrylic on top, not glass, just FYI.

I just got a couple of prints framed at a place along Heping called 名家畫廊 and am very happy with the results. The guy didn’t speak English but I still managed to communicate what I was after with my rudimentary Chinese. The pictures were ready to be picked up the next morning and the price was really cheap - $1800 for two medium-large sized pictures. I couldn’t be happier :slight_smile:

NT$900 apiece? Whew! You must have gone for the ultra-fancy frames for that price.

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I’m looking to frame some of my photos, they have been printed digitally. I would like to get them framed, with a pure white board, 5mm incut.

*Please don’t direct me to a crappy mom and pop place…

Although I understand what you mean by “mom and pop”, you seem to arbitrarily limit your options.
That being said, I would look along Heping and just stop in and say hi. Most are “mom and pop” - Not many huge conglomerate archival framing shops around here.
Make sure you know what your asking for. Your Picture is digital. Does it need to be stabilized for archival quality? Next, your masking. Acid proof, etc. Glass - Window glass that will ultimately discolor your photo, Archival glass that will last a “long time” or Museum glass that is meant to preserve indefinately.
Your question is not that simple. First, understand what you are asking for and then come to grips with the cost. The shop’s ownership and size will quickly sort themselves out.
Beyond all that, what wood or composites are you looking for? Solid molded wood is going to cost and composites are not going to fit with museum glass.
Good luck.
Pop who used to do it.

thanks enigma…

yah dude lots of those places on heping are badasses…
i can’t wait to leave taipei and buy lots of paintings for my mom…
she loves that kinda thing

I just got my diploma in the mail and it’s not the standard US Letter 8.5"x11" or A4 size (actually quite bigger than that for some reason…I guess higher level the degree the bigger the piece of paper ought to be?) so where would I go to get a frame for it, maybe with a sheet of thicker parchment paper to line it with.

I know that most people hate having their diploma framed, and I honestly didn’t see the need with my BS one but for my MS I’m thinking about getting it done because for some reason instead of using thicker parchment board they ended up printing it on a really thin sheet of cotton/linen and it seems real flimsy, so having it framed is probably a better idea.

I’ve seen some art galleries near Shida…should I go there? Because of its stupid size I might have to get one custom made. Does anyone have any experience with that? How much did it end up being for you?