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I am a semi professional photographer looking for custom matting and picture framing in Taipei or Hsinchu. I mostly do didgital print on a inkjet color printer. Please check my webpage at

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Hi! The only (real) professional matting and framing service is:

2F, No. 273, Sec. 2, Pa-Teh b[/b] Rd, Taipei

Tel: 2721-1818

They use only acid-free archival board imported from the US. I’ve had them do all my matting and framing for at least 5 years and they do excellent work.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, most frame shops do very good work. I have tried several and the quality has been consistently high. Fu Tai shop at 134 Liao Ning St in Taipei looks like a hole in the wall, for example, but they did all the framing for the Westin Hotel and many others, including some framing for the National Palace Museum. They can do whatever special job you can imagine (I saw a custom frame that had been made so that you could turn the picture around and view the back of the material – a reversable mat job, very cool. They also frame three-dimentional objects like masks and Chinese doodads.)

I’m looking for somewhere in Taipei which makes good quality picture frames. Any suggestions?

On heping east road there are several shops. It would be in the direction of shida university. Try there.

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Wow, that was quick. Thanks, I’ll check them out. :slight_smile:

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Don’t know if it’s still there, but there used to be a shop on Bade Road just west of Tun Hua Bei Lu, on the same side of the street and one block over from the Adventist hospital. I got some things framed there a few years ago.

There is another place on Bade Lu called Lotus Arts. They do excellent, in fact, museum quality framing. I have had several paintings I bought overseas framed there and always been very happy.

I cannot locate their card right now but if I do soon I will post their address and number. They are on Bade not far from the entrance of RT Mart on the other side of the street almost directly across from a convenience store amongst a few noodle shops. Their sign is over their door and is small so look carefully. They are worth the trip.

I passed by this place last night so I can at least offer the correct address:

Lotus Arts
273 Bade Rd., Sec. 2

Sorry I did not get the phone number.

I’ve got two big pictures (22 x 26 cm) that I’d like to buy frames for for the ladyfriend’s birthday.

Where should I go. I saw a place that makes picture frames on Shi Da Rd, but I don’t think I need to have frames custom made.

I just want a place that has lots of picture frames that I can look through.

I’m in Taipei, BTW.

Try IKEA or some of the shops like Muji, Working House etc.

I think it may save you time just to get the frames made. I’ve had many made and the prices are vey reasonable.

Certainly agree. My son sent me a drawing of my hometown. About 1/2 meter by 1 meter. I had it custom framed and matted for 1,200 NT. ShiDa area might be a bit more. My guy is in a back area so prices are lower but stilll, the prices of frames in the stores seemed to high.

There was a French guy with a framing business on Hoping. I think he might have moved, but I’m not sure where. He made beautiful frames. Actually that area has many frame shops. It was on Hoping opposite DaAN park.

I go to one of the shops on Heping E. Rd, just east of the intersection with Jinshan S. Rd. They do a good job and unlike buying a frame from Ikea or somewhere like that (crap), you also get it professionally mounted, etc. A much much better deal and a bewilderingly large choice of options for frame, mounting card, etc.


but some nice pictures on my Chinese New Year trip and want to have them framed now. Does anybody know a shop that does framing without actually damaging the picture?

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The area around Shi Da is loaded with picture-framing stores. From the work they display, they seem to know what they’re doing.

As 500CBFan says, there are loads of places in the Shi-Da area, particularly on Heping E Rd. I’ve had 6 pictures framed over the last year and I’m very happy with the results. The place I used is in the alley/lane beside the Sizzler on the corner of Heping and Xinsheng, next to the MosBurger.

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