Custom handmade personal figurines

Hi All,

I was in Taiwan last year and remember there were always a small stand in most night markets which sold custom handmade figurines from photos of yourselves. They were in cartoon like characters.
I have a friend getting married and thought it would be a nice wedding gift.
If anyone knows of a website or email for me to contact, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

You can get these off the Internet but they are very expensive (hundreds of dollars) compared to the Taiwanese counterparts available in the night market (the stand I know of is the one in Ximending). For Internet options, search things like “custom cake topper”.

Cheapest alternative, if possible, is to talk someone in Taiwan into doing the legwork for you. The difference in cost will be huge. (We looked into this for our own wedding).

I was in Shimindeng today and happened to go past a store making these. Had two kids in tow so didn’t ask prices etc but did get a flier. It says they have a special for single person design TWD600, two or more people TWD500. Keychains etc from TWD290. Person there said they can read a little English, no idea how much though. You just email them a clear pic of the person facing the camera.


Tel: 0989548470

Email: 903121418 at