Custom-made matching wedding rings

Wondering if there are any artists in Taipei (or anywhere in Taiwan I guess) who do custom goldsmithing. Not looking to break the bank, just looking for some simple yet unique matching wedding bands (probably no diamonds) for my gal and I.

My mom suggested seeking out students at art schools who might be learned in the latest technology but not yet established and therefore less expensive.

Any ideas?

We had ours made here in Taipei by a local guy, both were done in white gold, that was what the wife wanted so thats what she got. From memory i think both rings came to less than 10k NT$ total.

If you are interested i will ask the wife to see if she still has his contact number etc.

Any of the local jewelry stores will do custom jobs. If you have your design and materials in mind, they’ll do it to your spec. Try a couple of places and see how receptive the 老闆 is. If they screw it up, they generally will re-do it for free until you’re happy.

Are there any in particular that are good at helping you create the design? Anyone can do what ya tell them. But for those of us who only have an idea of what we want, it’d be nice if there was someone to help us finish the idea.

Any recommendations?

Traveller, yes, please pass the jeweler’s contact info on to me.


Traveller, yes, please pass the jeweler’s contact info on to me.


Traveller, yes, please pass the jeweler’s contact info on to me.



Sorry that post was something less than helpful. Hmmmmm. Help with the design?? I did not find many people very helpful in that respect. I basically took a picture of what I wanted and said, “can you do this?” until I got the answer I wanted. I also picked it becuase it was close to work.

I had mine done at the jewelry shop at the corner of Nanking and Ning An


I dunno if my post was being helpful as adding another question to the thread. I’ve been playing around with a few designs but I don’t know enough (read: zero) about smithing to know if they are possible or they are sort of possible with some tweaks. Was just curious if anyone had ran across/used someone who had some artistic flair of their own or do their own unique designs.

Thanks for the location.

You could try Kuma Ko at (02)2836-0747. I have a mobile number somewhere but can’t locate it.

This gentleman is a goldsmith and can often be found at the expat holiday bazaars and fairs. I spoke with him once about personalized jewelry but I haven’t actually met or used him yet.

I also remember reading in the Community Services Center’s Centered in Taipei mag about a foreign man who is a jewelry designer. If I can dig up the article and contact info I’ll pass it on but you could also try calling the Center at 2836-8134 or 2838-4947 and see if they have it handy.