Custom wedding dress

Hi. Where can I find wedding dresses for sale or wedding dress designers for a custom made western style wedding dress. We have already had our photos taken at wedding photography place in Tainan and just need a dress to get married in. I’m looking in Tainan, Kaohsiung area. Thanks

Do they have that in Taiwan? I always thought people just rented a few for the wedding party and show off.

They had wedding dress manufacturers years ago but most moved to cheaper countries.

People rent them because those dresses are expensive, like very expensive. Plus they don’t look all that comfortable to wear so I seriously doubt anyone wears them outside of weddings.

If the OP wanted custom wedding dress she must be very rich. There are lots of taylors around town that can arrange to have one made. Additionally those wedding photo places probably knows who makes custom wedding dresses.

Many dresses are made in Thailand or China … I don’t think many tailors are in to wedding dresses as it’s specialized.