Cute, frisky, kitten looking for responsible owner

I found the kid down by the Yung He riverside. Most likely she had been abandoned either by Street Momma or one of the lovely cat owners who have neglegted to spade their cat. Needless to say, she was a mess when I found her: there were bugs the size of raisins all over her, one eye sealed shut from eye-gook, and too frightened to even eat the little bit of food I tried giving her. Leaving her there just would not have been the right thing to do. So I cleaned her up, brought her down to the vet (she has tapeworm, passed down from the mother), put some food in her, and she’s good to go. The vet seems to think she isn’t quite 2 months of age (probably about 6 weeks).

As for personality, she loves to curl up around my neck while I’m horizontal, craves attention, has a good strong purr, is very playful, has a healthy amount of curiosity about everything, and doesn’t cry when I put her in a cage (my dish dryer) for the night.

I never had any intentions of keeping her. But thought if I pulled her off the street and put an ad up for her, she would atleast have a fighting chance.

If you are looking for a cat or just feel your karma could use a little positive boost, this is the girl for you. Unfortunately, I’m leaving the country this coming weekend, so I’m pushing for a quick sale. Go ahead and leave a message on my mobile if you think a “rescue cat” might be in your future. 0938-076-455

I have more pictures (if anybody wants them), but you get the general idea.

Is that a better subject heading? For those of you can’t even clean your own dishes, screw the “responsible” part. If you’ve got enough in you to keep a bowl filled with food and change kitty litter once every few weeks, that’s good enough.

Come on all! Who’s gonna take this cat? She’s really wonderful. You won’t regret it.

If you can’t find a taker then go to the little animal hospital on Zhong Xiao E Rd, 2 mins from Taipei City Hall MRT (exit 4, keep walking)

I got my kitty from there - the lady had been taking care of her and is obviously very concerned to find the right person for the cat. I made a donation, but she didn’t ask for money.

Thanks for your suggestion. If no one steps forward, I will do just that. Of course, passing her off on to someone else cause I couldn’t find a decent owner myself seems like a bit of a cop out. Still trying…

hi i was interested in taking a look at the kitten. left a msg on the number you gave. are u still in town. is the kitten still with you? PM me

What happened to her? I sent her pictures to my bf but couldn’t convince him. It will be hard enough for him to take me back with one cat let alone two.


Many thanks to Christa for taking in little “Zhong ze” (that’s what I called her, since I found on Duan Wu Jie).

Jack, thanks for your inquiries. Unfortunately, I did not receive your message until I had already left town. If you’re still interested in the cat, let me know. Christa had agreed to taking the little tyke only if nobody else wanted her. I can contact her and put the two of you in correspondence.