Cutout seat and Perineum

Even using new cycling shorts still get more than I need pressure on my Perineum.
Seat height correct as far as I know, more high more pressure on Perineum. My reach more likely is to short rather than to long, saddle tilt down a little
Real question is would a cut out saddle be recommended?

Ya, numb nuts is discouraging. I’m currently looking at a cutout seat as well. I think a brooks cambium cutout might be worth a look. On a cheaper side I’ve always had good results with Selle Italia Trans Am seats before.

I have the Adamo seat shown below. I used to do triathlons on my road bike equipped with aero bars. I found I was getting numb after long flat rides of much aero bar use. I got this seat and the numbness went away.

I now no longer do triathlons and no longer use my aero bars (I took them off), but I still use the seat. I’m not sure I need to anymore but I don’t see why I should risk any damage to that area, especially since I am completely used to this saddle design now.

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Lots of stores will have test saddles available. One of the more popular brands are Specialized which can be found at Yoyo Cycles by Shuang Lian MRT.

I also know that 106 Clubhouse down in Shenkeng does test saddles for Selle Repente, an Italian brand.

the tilt of your seat and stem length can affect the pressure in that area as well, try very minor adjustments at a time on your seat angle and see how it feels, also try to see if your stem is too long or too short. You want to be able to hide your front hub under your handlebars when you are looking down from your seat. its a good rough adjustment.


I have a couple of 55k rides on this. My junk is thankful. There’s a little less padding than the last seat I had but, that’s just a matter of getting used to it.


For me, the very low padding on my seat is okay until about the 4 hour mark. I sometimes come home after long rides and look longingly at my wife’s very padded seat (I mean on her bike, guys). For my next saddle, I’m getting something a bit more comfy. I still want that cutout, but more cushion on the back area of the seat.

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