Cutout seat and Perineum

Even using new cycling shorts still get more than I need pressure on my Perineum.
Seat height correct as far as I know, more high more pressure on Perineum. My reach more likely is to short rather than to long, saddle tilt down a little
Real question is would a cut out saddle be recommended?

Ya, numb nuts is discouraging. I’m currently looking at a cutout seat as well. I think a brooks cambium cutout might be worth a look. On a cheaper side I’ve always had good results with Selle Italia Trans Am seats before.

I have the Adamo seat shown below. I used to do triathlons on my road bike equipped with aero bars. I found I was getting numb after long flat rides of much aero bar use. I got this seat and the numbness went away.

I now no longer do triathlons and no longer use my aero bars (I took them off), but I still use the seat. I’m not sure I need to anymore but I don’t see why I should risk any damage to that area, especially since I am completely used to this saddle design now.

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