Cutting waaaay back on the smoking

I had some minor heath problems lately, and one thing in particular that was being aggravated by smoking. So the doc said to cut back until it heals.

Well… :loco:

But I gave it a shot and lo and behold I actually like not smoking so much. And it’s really not that hard to cut back if you are strategic or methodical about it. I’ve been smoking a pack a day for years. So yeah… :whistle:

I found that I never really liked smoking before and after each two hour class (including breaks) so that was an easy three cigs right there eliminated. I teach a few classes each day so you do the math. (by the way I teach adults, but nevertheless).

I also was becoming very uncomfortable smoking at outdoor restaurants and teashops. Although it is tolerated and people actually don’t seem to notice it, I cut that out too. Quite easily. So that’s another two cigarettes per meal (one before and one after) and perhaps at least one with my tea.

Adds up doesn’t it? :discodance:

I am not expecting any miracles at this point so I am happy cutting way back on the coffin nails. I find that it really does make you feel a lot more human when you don’t smoke. GADS!! I never thought I would say such a thing.

Maybe by this time next year I will have eliminated the evening and morning smokes and the ones I smoke when nobody’s lookin’. But I am living alone so I have nobody to prove anything to except myself and so far it’s going swimmingly.

Keep it up, and best of luck!

Congratulations! For both the health and the money side (:

I know for many people its not that easy.

The more I drink, the more I smoke. In other words, I’m a social smoker. Imagine how healthy I could be if I didn’t drink!

Good for you!!! :bravo:

Well done! I’m trying to whittle it down to 3 packs a day, myself. Sure ain’t easy.

This is why I only smoke ‘Long Life’. I cut down from yellow to white though.