Cycling Goals 2023

Depends on where you are. FB marketplace isn’t too great for bikes in Taiwan. I would always recommend your local bike shop to see if they have any good deals or people leaving bikes there to sell.

You could call into Taipei Bike Works, they’re friendly and have a good selection.
Taipei Bike Works | 維修/保養專門店/單車租借
0982 277 996

Alright, I gave it some thought and I am going to go back to some tougher goals this year on top of my stay healthy and injury free.

In order of difficulty…

  1. PR on Leng Shui Keng - It’s been a really long time since I’ve taken a stab at this and my previous half ass attempts have landed me 5 minutes out. If I took it a bit seriously, I reckon I can get a bit closer. I would be happy with a 1 second PR at this point.

  2. PR on Taiwan KOM - I’ve only done this route once and I had lots of issues along the way. As long as I do some training for it and have a good night sleep, I have no doubt that I’ll do much better than I did 3 years ago. The difficulty comes with having enough time to train for it and if work schedule doesn’t clash.

  3. Complete/Make up of 2022 goal, completing Provisional Highway No. 3

Bonus/Substitute for 1 or 2: Provisional Highway No. 9




200km + 17km in change is epic and intense. Did you get some nice tan lines?

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I was wearing a long sleeve summer jersey. Highly recommended. This one:

Plus leg and neck “warmers” and 50+ sunscreen once the sun was getting stronger.

No tans to brag or to regret.


I’m sorry, but your effort may be rendered null with no tan lines :laughing:


I achieved this today!

It was easy too.


I really need to ride more… and I too might have done more km’s this year than in 2022. Need to check!

EDIT: not yet… 9 kilometers shy!

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I’ve signed up to a 100km mountain bike cycle ride in the UK :grimacing:

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And what are your regular rides like? and the longer ones?

Needless to say I surpassed that days ago. In retrospective, 2022, all in all, was a very shitty year no matter how you look at it. I’m still recovering from it but not quite to be honest. Cycling helps a bit, but I’m not really focusing on the roadie these days.

If my scale hasn’t gone crazy, I’ve lost quite a chunk of lard and other bodily mass, which I guess it’s good for my knees, and overall they are indeed bitching way less than what they used to, but still do complain a bit.

I want to do one or two epic rides but I’ve lost some confidence these days. Maybe I should use drugs as some of you do, as in energy bars or those gels from Hell. TBH I’d like to avoid them if possible.

Regular? haha

About 5km a week


I’ve been working out on the elliptical, and was wondering if it’s good training for cycling?

I guess my goal is to actually use the youbike more often as it’s included in the 1200 ticket.

Cycling is purely cardio, and toleration of pain in the arse cheeks.

It’s good for shorts legs as well.


Purely cardio :grinning:

That’s got to be a TT / velodrome rider.

There’s no space for balls between those legs.

Admitedly cycling is a very stupid exercise. Like rock climbing. I always found amusing what intelligent extraterrestrial life forms would think of those like pink organisms smashing their legs or going up and down a wall for no apparent reason :smiley:

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Cycling is also expansive seeing how much some of those bikes cost.