Cycling Goals 2023

Try not to expand too much. You actually want to slim down, not to expand.

It seems the only way to reliably slim down is starvation combined with exercise to avoid muscle loss. I heard of actors doing this when they needed to slim down for a particular role, then bulking up, slimming down, and repeat. I have to wonder how the body can cope like this.

That guy likely doesn’t cycle more than 20km a week. You can’t get muscles that big by riding a bike long distance. Good use of the flowers to hide his micro-pecker though. They won’t hide the stench though!

Those legs make good breakfast too.

I tried stationary bikes at the gym but they weren’t doing it. It seems like I’m getting very little calorie burn according to the machine and I’ve wasted time on it. I do 30 minutes on the bike and couldn’t even burn 200 but I burned 300 in the same amount of time on the elliptical.


In what sense?

Very little fat there. They won’t make good jamones.

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“Calorie burn” is just a bullshit metric they make up to give exercise a fun “look how many points I have” game.

Weight loss is weight loss, takes fucking ages, do something every day, weigh yourself once a month.

Who has made it to Smangus / Simakusi on a bicycle?

I think I rode to the stone church in that area, but it was a few years back. I remember it being difficult and cold, but I’m not a very good rider.

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I failed.

I also planned and booked the Korea cycle trip but didn’t bother with that either :smiley: