Cycling into Bali, New Taipei

I made 3 video clips of cycling into Bali, length un-edited so all 3 25 minutes!
Youtube compression has ruined quality by a lot because of size and length but I am new to video editing and publishing so I know in future.

My very heavy bike! is a great tool for the job.
Links below:

Will be more in future as River tour videos with info.


Bali side is so nice. It’s a shame I don’t get out there that often.

What cam were you using to record?

Yes my favorite at moment nicer ride than Tamsui.
Super cheap CanPark 4k V30 that I must say I’m very pleased with, build quality not great zoom out button sticks and starts another function.
I’ve tried 4K works fine but runs battery and memory down rapidly so I use 1080/90fps that I must say looks wonderful on my iMac, YouTube compression ruins it a lot but there is a way round it I’m sure.
Can link up to cellphone but again runs phone battery down rapidly, bad enough using Komoot can’t use both need 2 phones if wanted too.
I have a lot more already filmed I need to edit and put up as River tours advice, hopefully something I can do business in.

Have you ever been to Mommouth Coffee next to the bike path? It was made famous by the double murder committed by the shop’s female manager a few years ago. The owner of the place was wrongfully accused and was later exonerated. The macabre background notwithstanding, their coffee is really good. I always make a point of stopping in and ordering a cup to support the poor guy’s business.

Yes I mostly do.
Thanks for the info I shall look into it.