D&D 3rd Edition books

Anyone know bookstores in the Taipei area that sell the books (rules etc) and novels in English?


There’s a bookstore on Jinhua St (Rd?) that sells some fantasy novels and a little D$D stuff (don’t know what edition - I hate the game). To get to Jinhua St, go up Xinsheng Sth Rd alongside Da An park. It’s near the mosque, or a bit further up. Turn left on Jinhua St and the bookstore is pretty close on your right. Ground floor is kids English books and stuff. Go up ot the 2nd floor for fantasy.


They sell AD & D books downstairs in the Chung Hwa underpass shop complex (Padeh road). The top floor is all the computers, downstairs is mostly used books. If you look about halfway down the hall in the north west quadrant, they are there in front of a booth. They are new books.

Oh wait. They are in Chinese! :unamused: