Daily Online Mandarin-How to show your respect while greeting in Chinese

Today we are gonna teach you how to say “it is my pleasure to meet you” in Chinese”.

This video gives an explanation of a Chinese phrase 幸会幸会. It can be applied to the situation while you’re greeting someone you’ve admired but never met before.

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幸會 to meet you too, LY. The people who come here are mostly interested in traditional characters.


Just out of curiosity, do people say this in Taiwan generally?

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Yeah, that happens a lot. :roll_eyes:

Oh, and

when you’re greeting…

Just saying

You hear it about as often as you hear phrases like 勞駕. In other words, almost never.


Yeah I feel like I might have heard it but definitely not often. Maybe people just aren’t happy to see me :worried:

You’re just not moving in the right circles. You need to go to more formal banquets attended by Deep Blue Brahmins.

In the circles I move in saying 幸会幸会 is likely to get you a smackdown.

What if you say it in traditional characters?

Double smackdown

Honestly we don’t say 幸會 or 勞駕
I think 幸會 is too much old word ? (yup I just only 26 years old …)
We always said 很高興認識你 (Just like nice to meet you)


I always say 久聞大名, but I’m old skool like that.

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That’s what I’d expect.

It’s good for getting a laugh out of your Taiwanese friends, though. :grinning:

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To show your caring:

Have you eaten?