Daily Photos 2018





That second squirrel shot is too cute!


I had to take some cute photos in order to balance all the giant spiders pics!



I’ve something quite different than this cute monkey. Will look it up and post.


If it’s that monkey sucking himself off, please spare us


What? Monkey porn? I’ll never do stuff like that! :thinking:



That monkey pic is comedy gold (all are very nice btw).


It was the first time all the monkey in Renshan decided to spend time on the road. Usually they stay on the trees and mind their own business, but today they decided to show off a bit. They had some…babies(?) that could fit in the palm of a hand, so tiny…maybe they were teaching them about humans? Maybe WE were the ones on display?


In Kaoshiung they are attracted by bags, plastic bags, because they realized people carry food around.


At the Pet Fair: 10 minute massage for your furry companion


Uh, isn’t that also known as petting?


Not when being charged for it.


Hmm. I think I ran into something similar in Thailand once.


阿公店水庫 in north Kaohsiung has floating solar panels


So what happens underneath them? Oxygen exchange and sunlight appear blocked. I’m confused


They’re sitting on my these huge plastic pillars or boxes.
You can see the two huge black solar electrical lines connected to the floating mass.


Cool car of the day