Daily Photos 2018


Happy new year!

Keep on inspiring us with your photos! Sorry the forums don’t increase your word count an extra 1000 per photo, but at least you’ll get kudos, those are so much better, right?

Daily Photos 2017
Busy day around here (Bowl and Criminal investigation Bureau)

red vespa by Dr. Milker, on Flickr


Typhoon Willy!


The walls are up.

Ready for concrete.


Concrete is in!


Applying the finishing touches on the plumbing before starting the next level


Structured chaos!


@wafflestop, here’s a link to a time lapse you might like. My brother is the scheduler for the construction company who is also building the new Raiders football stadium in Vegas. This is a smaller project in Phoenix, Arizona.



Balancing act.


filtration by Dr. Milker, on Flickr


The view from my balcony this morning. So rare to see the mountains in Yilan look like that.


In front of the Taipei Public Library. I feel something is wrong with that one but I can’t exactly put my finger on it.


Untitled by Thomas "Bis" Passarini, on Flickr


Pouring concrete




No bees this time, just a fuckton of mosquitoes enjoying my short pants.


homeward by Dr. Milker, on Flickr


It looks more as if he goes toward some ‘street workers’! :wink:


OK, you caught me. I actually have no idea where he’s going.