Daily Photos 2018



New video from Mike Olbinski. It’s a time lapse, so technically they’re photos.


Stink’s competition piece. Wish her luck! Results in 24 hours. Go scholarship!


She really has a talent for rendering the human figure. Hope she gets the scholarship!


She won regional. Now on to state competition!!! Wooop Wooop


missed weeks of volleyball league due to a back injury, feelsbadman… Back on the field now, even if I need to leave half of my gear at home to reduce the weight and avoid too much stress on my back.



goldilocks by Dr. Milker, on Flickr


She’s so pretty in person x_x


She needs to check her white privilege.


why is it autumn in Yilan and summer in Taipei?



from the xinyi building or whatever it’s called, the “new” skyline looks cool, I want to come on a day with better weather to take a proper pic.


Next week’s weather seems like it’ll be a bit better for picture taking…in general.


Was that taken with the new camera?


No, it’s a snapshot through a window taken with the 80D while I was having sashimi >_>


someone forgot something at the parking lot, or saddest love story ever.


Real or plastic?



If it’s still there tonight I could take another pic with the wilted rose for extra points, but I doubt I’ll find it…


Yeah, it’ll probably be devoured by cockroaches by then. I’m appreciating the tragic romance.