Daily Photos 2018


Update: rose gone.



Cockroaches: 1; rose: 0.


We don’t have that many in Yilan…


I’d be willing to bet there are many more cockroaches than roses in Yilan.


Went to photograph the finals of HVL and I’ve seen a girl breaking her ankle so hard the bone pierced the skin. Feelsbadman.


But…did you get a photo to put in the Daily Photos?


Do you want to see a broken ankle?


Yes, please.



Not as dramatic as I thought, but pretty cool all the same.


Ouch. Poor kid.


“”"“Luckily”""" it seems like the ankle may “”"“only”""" be broken, no damage to ligaments.


0-2 -> 3-2 to win the finals. What a glorious ending.


Nice shot. Whoever wins the game that makes it 2-2 wins the tourney, which is a corollary to whoever wins game 6 wins game 7 of the World Series. Not a psychology person, but I think it has something to do with the zero sum of hope in winner-take-all competition. Hope is a big deal, as is hope rewarded.

Dude right under the airborne guy’s (coach?) rear end really helps make the pic, but then again there are so many great smiles in that shot. Not to mention the coach’s (?) ceiling press!


They took the lead in the 5th but there was a 4 point comeback from the other team that was really scary, I think they went 11-6 to 11-10 in no time. The winning team has now won 5 championships in a row, this was definitely the toughest one.



cool sunset, wish I had the camera with me


Wait…you took that with your eye? That’s impressive!


Smartphone cameras = trash tier


Yet a camera all the same. I feel so deceived…