Daily Photos -- Part 14


Bakery show in taipei, at Nangang station. Tons of cookies, cakes, cupcakes and ice cream samples!





Shimenggu, Chaiyi, Taiwan by Kirk Beiser, on Flickr

Qingrengu Waterfall, Chaiyi, Taiwan by Kirk Beiser, on Flickr

Shimenggu, Chaiyi, Taiwan by Kirk Beiser, on Flickr

This is one of the best dayhikes that I have done in a long time. It had everything and everything was awesome. Very few people know about it and we didn’t see anybody on the trail that day.
theworldisnotthatbig.com/2016/0 … -shimengu/

Jiaolong Waterfall, Taiwan by Kirk Beiser, on Flickr

Taiwan’s tallest waterfalls (600 meters) and the 100th that I have visited in Taiwan (all in my guide).
taiwanswaterfalls.com/waterfall- … waterfall/

I have been really busy lately and have tons of updates and blogs to write.


heart wrenching to see illegal logging still going rampant…




This is a historic picture that will certainly stir some memories among old hands:




where did you take these photos? they are pretty amazing.


First one is from the Ren Shan Botanical Garden in southern Yilan, the sunset is from Sabah, Malaysia. I’ve been there a few days during the long holiday at the beginning of this month.


I wonder when I will go back to Sabah. Damn beautiful place but also damn frustrating. So many of the great places are closed off unless you are on an expensive tour (100-200+USD/day). And big distances in between the places you want to go with slow public transit.

Namasia fireflies, Taiwan by Kirk Beiser, on Flickr

The fireflies were pretty cool. theworldisnotthatbig.com/2016/04 … fireflies/


Fireflies were really cool indeed. I was on a boat, surrounded by noisy Chinese tourists, and all my pictures look really bad :confused: A good experience nonetheless!



Always safety first!


2 x sunrise over 101


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I enjoyed looking on photos please share more new photo for year 2017



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