Daily Vlogs from Taiwan!

Hi all,

Myself and Paul moved to Kaohsiung, Taiwan on the 1st of August this year. From the day we flew we started documenting our travels. Please visit our page on YouTube youtube.com/user/paulbinandclobo/videos

We felt there wasn’t much like this on YouTube. So hopefully, if you want to know more about Taiwan before you get here, you will find these vlogs a little useful, if not random! :slight_smile:

Chloe and Paul



If you don’t mind my asking, what will you guys be doing while in Taiwan, and how long do you plan to stay?


Not at all. We are here to live and work. To be quite honest we don’t know how long we intend to be here. Just take each day as it comes and see what happens :slight_smile: How long have you lived in Taiwan (if you still do)?

Paul’s been having a spot of trouble looking for a bicycle, as you can see on yesterday’s vlog (youtube.com/watch?v=VZt1Zq0w … -GtIosooag)

Other than that, I have started work this week. Paul is still yet to start, although it’s looking like he has something lined up. We have just basically been mooching around, exploring the place. Found lots of random objects. Like mouth stretchers? (youtube.com/watch?v=9j8i6GsU … -GtIosooag)



What sort of name is Clobo?

Lol Clobo is a nickname I’ve always had…

Hi any updates? Seems you deleted your account on YouTube
Hope alls well

All is well! Update: we stayed in Taiwan for almost five years. Recently moved back to the UK and enjoying time with family. Paul starts a new job on Monday and I start a PhD in October :blush:T’was time to move on!

Awesome, good to hear all’s well. After watching so many of your vids I (along with other viewers no doubt) came to kind of “know” you guys. Funny I know.

Just curious, all that time putting together your vids, you decided to take them all down. What happens to them? All the work gone Or do you get to view them.

If it was me, I’d like them to be accessible at least for friends and family to watch.

Best wishes.