Dance, martial arts classes in Taoyuan

I moved to Linkou 2 years ago, and am just now finally getting established enough over here that I no longer need to commute to the Taipei area for work. Frankly I’m sick to death of driving after years and years of 40+ minute trips (I previously lived in Beitou, which was just as bad), and would like to cut the amount of it I do to an absolute minimum.

That being the case, I’d really like to start looking around here for activities – but as there is absolutely nothing in Linkou / Guishan, I’ve come to realize that perhaps Taoyuan/Nankan could be a good alternative, as it is only ten minutes down the freeway, and a lot more seems to be going on there.

What I’m looking for would be any of the following:

ballroom dancing

Tai Mall has got a gym and I’ll bet yoga, salsa, and ballrooom can be taken there…