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I am moving to Taipei in a couple days. I’m from London and I like going to dance classes, especially ballet, contemporary and commercial dance including heels. I am experienced and confident at Ballet but the other styles I’m sort of just starting to get the hang of. I’m used to going to pineapple dance studios and would prefer drop-in style places that offer different styles of dance, however I don’t know what my options are. What places would you recommend for me?


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There are lots of dance schools. And all varieties.

Ballet, modern, ballroom for old and young, jazz, tap, swing, Latin, hip hop, etc.and combinations of those.

And social groups revolve around many of those.

Some may have mostly seniors students and some may have mostly college students and some have anything in between or any and all.

Some studios just focus on one style and other schools rotate a variety of teachers and styles through.

I don’t want to say look at the internet but actually it’s fairly easy to find them on Facebook or Google maps. Just by searching in English for example ballet dance school Taipei or something.

I and others may be able to recommend specific schools with little more information like age groups or interests or location.

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I’ll +1 this request.

I’ve wanted to get back into dance now that I live in Taipei, but everything that I’ve found has either had classes during the day (when I am working) or has classes that start at insanely late hours (like 8 or 9 p.m.). My brain needs time to shut off after exercise and before sleep…

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