Danish Co. To Open Baghdad "Super Brothel"

Yippee. Now when the dust settles in Iraq we will all have a good reason to there for a holiday.

According to the the right-wing Danish weekly ‘Den Danskmanne’, the Iraqi Authorities with the blessing of the Coalition have signed a memorandum of understanding with Danish company Color Climax Corporation to set up and operate a large “Super Brothel” in Baghdad.

Unfortunately the link below doesn’t work well but I quote from their online English version:

[i]'Said Jens Langslang of CCC “This is a wonderful opportunity for ourselves and for the Iraqi people. After many years of Saddam, the Iraqi people want the taste of things to come and this is why this project will benefit everyone. There will be plenty of work opportunities for local girls as our research has shown that there is a lot of demand. The large purpose-built brothel will have a large public bar with an open air swimming pool where clients will be able to watch the girls swimming naked before making their selection” said Langslang “We will have 360 elegantly furnished rooms with jacuzzis and multi channel adult entertainment. But we also realise that not everyone in Iraq has much money to spend on private rooms so we will also have a ‘sex dormitory’ which is a large room with a 70 bed capacity so if you are not shy and are on a budget it is there for you” he added.

The deal was agreed upon after nearly six months of negotiations and market research and the MOU was finally signed in the presence of Coalition officials and representatives from the Iraqi Governing Council including prominent Shia clerics who according to Langslang “saw nothing in the idea that conflicted with their interpretation of Islam”. Construction of the “Super Brothel” will begin in May and is scheduled to open in early January 2005. Recruitment of workers has already begun and CCC has rented one side of the Oudezijdsvoorburgwal in Amsterdam as a training facility. “This will give the girls a chance to get some experience and earn a little money to send their families. But they will have proper training as some of our film stars have offered to demonstrate the skills needed for free because they see the social good in what they do.” remarked Langslang. When completed the Baghdad brothel will have guest prostitutes from all over the world and advance tickets for these girls will be sold. Monthly lucky draws and big prizes will all add to the fun. “If it works in Baghdad, we will consider opening in other cities. Our friends in Mosul have already said they want one as there is a large pool of Kurdish women willing to work and our American friends have expressed a preference for them” commented Langslang “But we are here to bring joy to the Iraqi people first” he added.’[/i]


As I said the link is a bit iffy but it does show that the Iraqis are taking a broader view of their future. I wonder if CNN will pick up on this.

New Year Boys Night out in Baghdad anyone? Won’t be that expensive I am sure.

A 70-bed “sex dormitory”? :astonished:

Wait a minute, they could just build a university.

:laughing: [edited, will explain later]

Brune Ale:

I am outraged OUTRAGED that you would choose to treat Iraq and its problems with such flippant contempt. This article is clearly nothing more than a sick effort to get a rise out of me. When women are shrieking and children are wailing, how can you… HOW CAN YOU… be so callous and unfeeling?

frederick p. smith v.

Hey…don’t shoot the messenger. I think it’s a wonderful development and anyway I have been a stiff advocate of just such an idea for some time. At least someone has got the idea. You are just sore because an American firm didn’t get in there first. I guess the Danes just slipped in through the ‘back door’, so to speak.

P.S. Freddie San. Do you always have to spell ‘outrage’ in BIG letters? I find myself inadvertently opening my mouth while silently reading your posts.

If you’ve ever met Fred in person, you’ll understand that his pattern of speech influences his style of writing. He tends to overemote and overemphasize certain vowel sounds. Often, you’ll notice how his mouth is formed into big “O”.

As in “OH NO.”

And when the word LIBERALS passes his lips, he immediately recoils with a contemptuous sneer. :raspberry:

It’s all in the writing.

Btw, this brothel farce is diSsssguSsssting. Emphasis on both ‘s’.

Oh, come on, it’s not as every occupying army in history hasn’t done the same thing. Thousands of horny 20 year old guys long distance from their girlfriends - whatcha gonna do? It’s either bring in the whores or watch the rape rate skyrocket out of desperation. Personally I think whoring is much preferable to raping.