Dating apps versus the approach

There are still girls out there looking for a suitable person to say hi in the real world

Women: we want equality! a woman can do anything a man can do!
Also women: when it comes to dating I’m more traditional, I want the guy to make the first step and take me on a date.


Yikes… you think she really talks like that? Like you know, I don’t think like I could really stand like, more than 15 seconds of listening to that.


Suitable girls on TikTok? Real world?

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Step one: try talking through your mouth instead of your nose…


She did say she was going to target and was open to an approach

Yeah like that’s how like young American whites girls talk

Yeah if I was like younger and I knew which target she was at I would say hi

Her language at 25 is already dated

Apparently girls younger than that they have a whole new speech we need translating to understand


She’s just one example I’m sure there are many ladies open to an approach in the real world

That’s what we all did in our generation

Except for my first GF I was the one to go over and say hi

Just because you can doesn’t mean that you have to. All men can pee while sitting down but they still insist on standing up and squirting all over the place. :smirk:

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I don’t hear men blaming women on pee splashing though.

I hear them blame women for a lot of other things.

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There are, and you’d be surprised by the number of girls who are actually flattered by it (with the obvious proviso that you don’t approach as a creep). I was chatting with this girl on a corner of downtown Seattle, invited her for a cup of coffee, she said she just got married last month but I could see in her face that being asked that had made her day.


I agree with @Ninashka that when it comes down to choice women tend to make different decisions in specific areas, because they are not men (e.g. approaching prospective romantic partners, or standing to pee)

men blame women, women blame men, circle of life


It’s not about blaming per se, more about the root of the complaint. I hear women complaining much more about something they women could do something about (“why won’t guys talk to me!”), when on men’s side you need to dig to an incel level to find that attitude. Or, women blaming men for things they themselves do, say women complaining men don’t have anything interesting to say on Tinder, but when you log on Bumble, most women’s opening line is a single “hey.”

Best policy is always to take control of your ship rather than blame the stormy seas.


Yep. And once you take control of your ship, you can often avoid the stormy parts of the seas that everyone else is always complaining about.



Oh yes, too true. But in this particular case that you brought up, men are certainly doing their part too.

We had a thread recently where the OP admits that most women wants to split the bill on the first date and asks for advice on how to get around that, and get a lot of replies encouraging this behaviour. :smile: In Sweden men complain that they can’t act chivalrous without women taking it in a bad way. So we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. :joy:

Referenced thread:

I would prefer to pay my bills on the first date too. Too much trouble if I let men pay on first dates and have to turn them down afterwards. Plus I once dated this guy, who wines about paying for me after insists on doing it. The breakup was ugly. Some people just act like they OWN you after paying for a couple of meals that I could totally afford.

I’m not saying people should pay or not. IMO I think you do what you want and don’t do what you don’t want and don’t wine about the consequences. Don’t want to pay? Don’t offer. Don’t want a girlfriend/regular friend whose first line is “hey?” Don’t reply. What others think don’t really bother me.


Yes, exactly. Let people have their preferences and way of doing things but for God’s sake, don’t encourage the behaviour if it bothers you. There’s always going to be plenty of other people to choose from.