Dating in Kaohsiung :)

大家好! Hi everyone !

I wanted to ask the suggestions of the people here about the places to go with your boyfriend in Kaohsiung (for a date mostly)! I’m new on the forum, so I introduce myself briefly : I’m belgian and I live in Taiwan to study Chinese and English… I’ve been here for 6 months and my boyfriend (who is not taiwanese either) and I always go to the same places for our dates, nearby our university most of the time… If someone has some ideas, it would be very welcome :smiley:

welcome and tell us the places you always go to so that we dont recommend them. And can add new places.

Oh, we use to go in Judan or Xinjuejiang, to eat or windowshopping… Sometimes we go to heti, a parc nearby our college and I think that’s it :slight_smile:

You could try leaving your bf at home and coming on a date with me… Just kidding. :laughing:

ha ha ha ! Nice try :stuck_out_tongue: but I have to refuse hehe

There’s always the movie theaters at Mega mall (Vieshow formerly Warner bros cinema), my hubby n I normally go there coz it’s easy to get to by MRT at San Duo stop. They do late shows too, latest I think is by midnight cept for the MRT closes then.

What about the beach at Xiziwan or Cijin or the British Consulate? There’s also a monkey mountain somewhere near Xiziwan.

Those are all supposed to be great :slight_smile:

I know these places for going there during the summer ^^ very good places…

Do you know some kind of good restaurants by example?

And thanks for all the replies :stuck_out_tongue:

You could try this place. Good drinks and good western food. It’s owned by two friends of mine.

Best pasta in Kaohsiung is from a place called Cucina. Very nicely priced too and great atmosphere. I think there are three branches in Kaohsiung but the only one where I can remember the exact location is the one near the Xin Jue Jiang night market (sorry, pinyin might be off, it’s close to the Wufu Jongshan intersection). 97, MinSiang St, SinShing District, Kaohsiung City; (07) 281-6869

Brickyard pub & club has some decent meals and it’s a great place to party and catch live bands.

NY Pizza serves pizza by the slice and I really enjoy it, although admittedly I’m not a pizza snob. On Sintian road, just off the Sintian Jongshan intersection (head east on Sintian from that intersection).

A little further east down that road (about 100m or 200m from NY pizza) is General Panchos where you can get pretty decent Mexican food.

Another decent place to get Mexican food is Paco Taco. It’s east (more like slightly southeast) across the road from FE21 Mega.

One of my favorite restaurants in Kaohsiung is Ali’s. Well actually it’s called Lahore, but we all call it Ali’s after the owner, a wonderfully friendly Pakistani guy. The curries are absolutely delicious and very cheap, and the chapati bread is great too. It’s a little hard to find though. It’s near the Cultural Centre.
LAHORE Restaurant, No.86 LinQuan(Lin Chuan) St, Ling ya District Kaohsiung Taiwan. Tel.07-7266803, Closed on Mondays
Tue~Sunday 11:00am ~ 14:00pm, 16;30pm ~ 20:30pm

If you want to have a relaxed drink and listen to some great music, go to The Mercury. It’s literally around the corner from the Lighthouse (anyone in Kaohsiung will be able to tell you where that is). The owner is a super-chilled dude and there’s a different drinks special every night. There is live music on weekends too.

Other ideas… um, beach and mountain as mentioned before. Go up the mountain and chill out at the Martyr’s Shrine. It’s my favorite spot in Kaohsiung. There’s a little food stand up there that sells cheap beer, great for a relaxed drink.

Go cycling along the harbor path… Visit pier 2 art district… Take a walk along the love river… Lots to do in Kaohsiung these days :slight_smile:

Wow, hehe thank you all !

Cucina, they have it also near by Judan ! The food is very good but a bit slow to come, just like a real European one actually…!

Well, I’m going to try all these restaurants :smiley:

Sunset at the fort on Cijin. Sunset on the breaker near Siziwan Beach. Dinner at sunset at Escape 41 (a strange, cool little community on the ocean side of Monkey Mountain), hiking on Monkey Mountain (a lot of trails), ice skating at E-DA world, Metropolitan park is alright, walking in the night markets (although most of them suck tbh compared to every other country I’ve been to), the Love River/kaohsiung Harbor area, Foguangshan, a motorcycle trip to Meinong, Shoushan Zoo, the Martyrs Shrine at night overlooking the city

that’s all I can think of off the top of my head