Dave Chen & the Muddy Basin Ramblers

[color=red]Dave Chen [/color]and the [color=green]Muddy Basin Ramblers [/color]

will be playing Saturday night, SEPT. 11) at the Living Room. According to the blurb on the Living Room website,

[quote]David Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers play a mix of early blues, jazz, hokum, and original tunes, paying tribute to popular blues and jazz musicians of the 1920s and 30s such as Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton, Big Bill Broonzy, Bo Carter, Memphis Minnie, Cab Calloway, and Bessie Smith. They draw their inspiration from the jug bands of the early 20th century, where bands made music with anything that “made a noise” from empty jugs and cans to guitars and horns.


[color=red]“Hot tamales and red-hots, yeah we got 'em for sale!” [/color]

Come one come all. Because where else are you gonna hear songs featuring [color=indigo]dual ukuleles [/color]and [color=orange]kazoo extravaganzas?[/color]

Sandman, please bring your furry red butt down to Kaohsiung for a gig. I can set you up with some good venues. I know every bar and pub in Kaohsiung…though I have never stepped into them. :blush:

It sounds like an awesome band.

Yes, Sept. 11 the MBR will play at the Living Room. This time we have singer songwriter pianist Dana Wylie opening for us and she’ll also join us for our second set. Should be fun.
If you’re a seppo, I believe we’ll also be helping anyone who wishes to register to vote.

I don’t know what time as yet. I’ll post tomorrow.

Here’s a link to our webpage (still under construction). It has details about the show this weekend and a nifty little picture to boot.


Make sure you don’t miss Dana Wylie, our opening act – she’s a fantastic songwriter, piano player and vocalist. She may be opening our show this time, but it won’t be long before the MBRs start opening for her!

We’re psyched for TC Lin’s muddy basin debut on trumpet --he’s gonna swing and sooth!

And Sandy, get ready for the BLACK UKELELE of DEATH! You won’t know whether to thrash or dance a hula!!

***US CITIZENS can register to vote before the show
If you’re a US Citizen, you can register to get an absentee ballot sent to you in Taiwan-- a representative from Democrats Abroad will be at the living room before the show to help you out. Registration is open to ALL U.S. citizens, regardless of political affiliation.

Hope to see you this weekend!

I read that as “swing and smooth” the first time, but I can sooth too. :slight_smile:

Btw, the website links at the bottom don’t work for me, and the picture doesn’t come up either.

Oh yeah? Well I don’t know about death, but I’ll be bringing my GIANT BLACK TINWHISTLE OF EXTREME DISCOMFORT! You won’t know whether to hit me over the head or strangle me!!

I read that as “swing and smooth” the first time, but I can sooth too.

Btw, the website links at the bottom don’t work for me, and the picture doesn’t come up either.[/quote]

Whoops, I meant ‘soothe,’ pardon the typo. But ‘smooth’ also applies…

As for the site, I just fixed the link, try it again… the picture should come up. The links at the bottom don’t exist yet. I should probably take those out for now.

And Sandy, the new ukelele really is black (I left my poor uke in a taxi after the last peshawar show) . – Black Ukelele of Death vs “Giant Black Tinwhistle of Extreme Discomfort” – It’s like Alien vs Predator, but better.

I hope none of the band members got flooded because I plan on being there tonight.

Any information when the Living Room opens? I’m not that impressed with their website, no map, no opening times, no menu/prices…

And how come the Living Room website states that you start at 10pm? I thought it was 9?


What a great show last night! Great blues. Some of the band members were a little hesitiant at first, but then loosened up as the beer (and the heat?) kicked in. David Chen is the eptiome of coolness. Sandman blew a mean sax, played a great mandolin, Poagao was great on the horn, especially as he got into his groove, Timogan was high energy all night on washboard, snare and spoons. Tapdancing Will was fantastic, and the guys playing harmonica kicked ass. (sorry, I forget their names). Dana Wylie also rocks. Great voice, great piano playing. :notworthy:

The whole thing was a hoot. - up until the part when two self-indulgent women mistakenly thought we’d rather see them swish their skirts, twitch their hands in serpentine patterns and shake their voluminous booties than watch the musicians perform. :raspberry: Ladies, book your own show. :fume: The rest of us paid money to listen to, watch and enjoy the show, not your bizarre dancing, :taz: which would have been out of place anywhere but an exceptionally drug-addled Grateful Dead show.

Dancing is cool, but when the whole room is packed and seated very tightly, inserting your non-table reserving, late-arriving, wierd-dancing self between the musicians and the (seated) people who showed up early to enjoy the music is a little much. :fatchance: There were more than a few people pissed off by your behaviour… :imp:

Here, Here. I didn’t like that little distraction either. I’m not spoiled sport. Sometimes the music takes you, and you just gotta get up and move. 1 song, maybe a second. But don’t show up late and then try to up stage the band. We paid to see them.

The music was fantastic. Hopefully we can get some more blues in town. Yeah, the annoying girls blocked my view and were just annoying. I used to be a Deadhead, and one reason I’m glad that whole scene is over was the annoying dancing hippies. :loco: I only came to watch one spectacle and wasn’t disappointed in the fab music. The cocktails were extremely weak, though, and more expensive than they’d be in the States. I’m looking forward to checking out the local salsa scene as well!

It was nice to see a full house despite the weather; thanks to all who came to see us. It was my first performance with the Ramblers so took me until well into the first set to get my bearings. The free drinks didn’t hurt, either. :smiley:

Also, obviously I didn’t have time to get any good pictures of the band; if anyone has any digital photos, could you send me some copies? Thanks.

Thanks for the kind words people. Not our best show but we still had fun. Glad to hear some of you did too. It was so cool so many folk turned out on such a miserable night – we were expecting to play a gig for just the wait staff!

…for lesbians.

Yes, I actually went to something in public. :astonished:
Thanks for the personal cordiality from David after the show and the eclectic presentation on stage. Certainly creative.
This band has no competitors because I don’t believe there could be another cast of characters in Taiwan like these. :wink:

Sorry I missed it. When and where will you play again?

There’s talk of a show at the Taipei Artists’ Village to mark Daniel Pearl Day (Oct. 9) but it’s not definite yet I don’t think. Watch this space or visit our (only partially constructed) website for details nearer the time.

We’re playing at The Shannon this Thursday (12/23) night at around 9 I think. Not sure about the entrance price or the like, though.

Fantastic! I’m there! :rainbow: :beer: :bouncy:

Caught Dave Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers last night at The Living Room. What a blast! These guys are obviously having fun up there and the crowd gets to go along for the ride :notworthy:

(btw, I had the Pasta with Chicken as I enjoyed the music – that food is good!)