David's English Center (大衛美語) in Taipei

I’ve found a couple of negative posts for David’s in Hsinchu and Tainan on Dave’s ESL, but nothing about the Taipei office.

Does anyone know anything about them?

I haven’t heard much, but I heard they weren’t too bad - someone says the guy Simon seems fair enough, but who really knows …

I have heard nothing but good things about Davids and the guy Simon at the Taipei office. I know someone who is working there and is very happy to no longer be teaching kids classes. I think the biggest criticism of that school is lack of hours and relatively low pay, but I think that these problems are symptomatic of adult buxibans more than they are of Davids specifically.

i can confirm this, but don’t bug Simon as he has been replaced, he went back to just teaching there, someone else now handles new hires…

I know two people who worked there when they were in Taiwan - no complaints.

I believe the guy Simon now runs the David’s in Danshui.

I’ve known lots of people who work at David’s. Mostly good things, although if you need a lot of hours consistently, look elsewhere. The guy who does the hiring now is named Craig. Nice guy.