Dawn and Rose

Who is Rose, and why did I get the message I did recently about her and Dawn? Whoever she is, she sounds like my kind of girl.

Anyway, the point of this post is to remark upon the wonders with which I was confronted a few hours ago. Due to a miscalculation* I found myself staring at the sky in central Taipei a little after 4 am this morning and agreeing that change, detestable as it may be, was definitely afoot.

The ride home, bellowing the theme tune to 'Champion the Womder Horse," and dodging manhole covers, was enlivened by the transformation of the sky from almost black to ever-lightening shades of blue, and by the time I approached the cloister it was patently obvious that an entire night had somehow elapsed. Somehow I was lucky, or at least horny, enough to be up at the crack of dawn. (At which point I received a text message about the elusive Rosie.)

Dog was pleased to see me, as I popped out at 6 the previous evening after promising to be home in time for evening walkies and neglected to come home. Pretty soon we found ourselves wandering unobserved through grass and trees, listening to the sounds of nature waking up and preparing to deal with another day.

Birds singing, frogs, weird boomy things, chirrupy whatisnames, a slight breeze, clouds lit from below, a delightful absence of traffic noise, oodles of fresh air, and numerous other sensory joys assailed my senses as I enjoyed this unscheduled delight. It seemed for a while that, whatever problems people may report on this site or others, Taiwan can be a lovely place to lve.

You just have to avoid any sign of human activity, or places frequented by beings from Scotland.

*I agreed to meet a certain well-known forumosan for ‘a quick one’

Loretta is Homerphobic.

Prolly Virgil, acsherly